Who Purchased Domaining.com? My Guess

Yesterday (1/16/2015) was the first time I even heard that Domaining.com was even for sale and it was also the first time I heard it had sold, with Monday being the day the new owners will be officially announced… Well, part of the fun is guessing who the new buyers are prior, so here is my guess!

TurnCommerce Inc. aka the Reberry Brothers, aka HugeDomains, aka NameBright.com, aka DropCatch.com etc.

They already own NameBee.com, which is basically the same thing as Domaining.com (aggregates blog feeds). They also own CapitalStartup.com another aggregator site. TurnCommerce is big into domaining and coming out with more “domaining” type products / services according to its website.

DropCatch.com has been launched already and is a big hit!

Expire.com is listed as “Coming Soon”

NameBright.com the registrar was opened to the public.

HugeDomains.com is HUGE!

PremiumDomains.com is listed as “Coming Soon”

Speaking of PremiumDomains.com? Who use to own that domain name? Francois Carrillo! The same “current” owner of Domaining.com. This proves they have already worked together and made the successful transaction of that domain (and maybe more), so why not Domaining.com and the site. TurnCommerce not only is a BIG TIME domain buyer, drop catcher etc, they are heavily into Domaining!

Francois even has some domains registered with TurnCommerce.

Reberry brothers LOVE domain names in general and when you love, own and breath domain names, domaining is what you do!

TurnCommerce has done very well (they appear to have the $ to buy Domaining.com) considering that HugeDomains.com owns over 1 Million + domain names. The brothers own a lot of nice generic domain names in general as well… and it wouldn’t hurt promoting many of its services like DropCatch.com, NameBright.com, PremiumDomains.com, HugeDomains.com, Expire.com and more on Domaining.com!

So, my guess as to who the new owners of Domaining.com will be? TurnCommerce, Inc. , mainly for the reasons stated above. They are domain investors, developers and more!

I could be wrong and it wouldn’t be the first time, but that is my guess and I see it as a good fit for TurnCommerce. Will Domaining.com stay the way it is now? Hard to say… Monday we will find out officially who the buyer/buyers are, but what do you think of my guess?

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18 thoughts on “Who Purchased Domaining.com? My Guess

  1. You hit it out of the park, makes perfect sense own the most domains, can get lots of eyeballs to their other sites, well funded.0

  2. I dropcatch daily by hand. When I lose out on a domain within minutes, I check the whois and 90% of the time it’s dropcatch.com that caught it. They are an unstoppable force. Also, it tells me I am going after the right names.

    1. It was my best logical guess 🙂 . Clearly it could be a big company we all know, an individual we all know, smaller company that some know or an individual nobody really knows etc. We shall see.

  3. Thanks a lot for the post Jamie.

    Not sure where this Monday rumor came from but I do not expect to announce any official sale probably until the end of next week.

    Today the only I can say is Turn Commerce was part of the few companies strongly interested, and that is a company I appreciate.

    1. @Francois,
      Thanks for clarifying that the sale will not be announced until maybe the end of next week. Congratulations on the sale, whoever the buyer is.

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