Domain Consulting

DotWeekly and its founder, Jamie Zoch are here to assist you with your domain consulting needs. Since 2006, Jamie has lived and breathed domain names and is very passionate about them.

No matter if you are a startup looking for a powerful brand name, an existing company looking for a domain name upgrade, starting a new marketing campaign or are simply looking to expand your presence on the internet… this will always require the need of a domain name.

I understand that your business is not focused on domain names and it would greatly benefit you to have somebody in your corner that has vast experience in the domain name space. I get it and I am here for you!

Services Available

Stealth Acquisitions ~ DotWeekly will act on your behalf to acquire the domain name you are interested in, while keeping your identity hidden.

Domain Research ~ Is your budget fitting to the value of the domain name you wish to acquire?  Having a hard time finding a domain owner? Not sure on the history of a domain name you are interested in?

Domain Consultant ~ Looking for advice on your generic domain name strategy? Considering to offer a new service or product? Want to make sure your tracks are covered? I can help!

Hiring a expert in a specific field like domain names will often result in saving you a lot of time and a lot of money! Over paying for a domain name or taking a bad approach can lead to costly mistakes.

Experience, knowledge, connections and trust are very important in the domain industry and DotWeekly has them all.

Please contact me today with your domain name needs and I will be glad to assist you.