7 thoughts on “Doppler.market Acquires Doppler.com Domain Name

  1. Wow, I don’t visit your blog much but if even you are drinking the Estibot abomination Kool-Aid the state of our industry is even worse than I thought, and I didn’t think that was even possible.

    1. @john,
      I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid, it’s just a visual reference. I never said the $131K was an accurate valuation of the domain name.

      1. Well I’m glad to hear that but the way you mention it still tends to legitimize and connote legitimacy. Even when they are occasionally in the ballpark for easy no-brainer blue chip domains (which they still screw up) that should not be done and only contributes to the problem they cause and represent. And I hope you were aware of their recent “appraisal” of crypto.com, by the way – https : // imgur . com/rLHELHg – and have seen what Rick Schwartz has had to say about them numerous times, among others, including in his Thursday post about .baby.

  2. I wish every blog would block the “John” fool from commenting. Get a life bro! Sick of seeing your comments.

      1. Thanks, guys. You know you’re doing something particularly good when this stuff comes out of the woodwork. And anyone who reads blog comments can see “Snoopy’s” reasons.

  3. Happy Holiday season to you and your family Jamie. Sorry to hear twitter is being dicks.
    Really value the information you discover and share, and appreciate it very much.

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