TJX Acquires From Activision For Sierra Trading Post

The TJX Companies have acquired the premium generic domain name from Activision Publishing Inc. for an undisclosed amount. TJX is a publicly traded company, so there is potential that the purchase price may be revealed in a SEC filing at a later date. Although, the companies revenue is $33 billion (2016), even if they paid 7 figures, it may not be shown in a SEC filing.

TJX owns Sierra Trading Post, which currently uses the full name version as its main domain name, but is the companies branding highlight in the logo. Owning is not only brand protecting, it is also easier to remember and type.

The domain name transaction appears to have took place on July 3, 2018 based on whois history records from

TJX is currently redirecting (forwarding) to the longer version domain, I’d expect a full switch over to the premium, shorter domain name at some point in the near future. has been registered since September 25, 1991 and was owned by Vivendi Games prior to merging with Activision in 2007. Activision then bought out Vivendi in 2013.

Sierra Trading Post offers similar retail to TJ Maxx.

In June 2018, DotWeekly reported that TJX also acquired the premium exact match domain name, upgrading from This was likely a significant purchase.

TJX is securing the best domain names for its brands and this is a very wise investment that secures both brands, gives them both a more “premium” look online and is simply a make sense domain name upgrade.

Here is a whois screenshot showing TJX as the new owners of Whois TJX

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What do you think TJX paid for

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