Domain Sells! Google or Amazon Buyers?


Ultra premium domain names are super rare and many of them sell for millions of dollars! is one of those domain names and it held an offering price of $5 Million.

It just sold!

So who were the buyers? Right now, that is an unknown. The domain name has transferred to brand protection service MarkMonitor using it’s generic DnStination Inc. data: Whois

If I had to guess who purchased, it would be likely only two companies. or

If the buyers happen to be Google, it would be simply a brand protection move for YouTube. If it were Amazon, they are ready to play! Amazon did register “tube” domain names, like, and some more in December 2017 as Domain Name Wire reported.

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5 thoughts on “ Domain Sells! Google or Amazon Buyers?

  1. Wow 5M would be a great number on this one.

    I would say it’s Amazon, google should have locked it down a long time ago, but didn’t.

    I see, and maybe are left in play.

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