Mya Systems Acquires From Motorola Mobility

Mya Systems Inc. has acquired the premium domain name from Motorola Mobility, Inc. for an undisclosed but very likely strong six figure amount. has been registered since May 29, 1998

San Francisco, California based Mya (formally known as FirstJob) offers a conversational AI platform for hiring teams and was founded in 2012 and launched in July of 2016.

This investment by Mya is a big one but also strongly improves the face of the company by upgrading from the less attractive domain which they are currently using. Branding simply as Mya and having a domain name that doesn’t match that branding is a distraction and less creditable. By not owning, also opens the chance that somebody may brand as Mya and potentially force a rebrand. Securing the exact match domain name removes any confusion and simply makes sense in marketing, communication and much more!

To date, Mya has raised 3 funding rounds, totaling $32.4 million according to CrunchBase.

Since the transaction just took place, is currently redirecting to but I would expect in the very near future that will change and will fully replace

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5 thoughts on “Mya Systems Acquires From Motorola Mobility

    1. Why not? There have been many reported 3L .com’s for $3xx,xxx in 2018. Motorola didn’t need to sell it and it wasn’t listed for sale that I could see. Mya Systems needed it and are well funded. All things point to my suggested “very likely strong six figures”. Also to note, I know of many similar domains that are owned by large corporations and all require very strong six figure offers for consideration and these domains are being offered for sale!

  1. Good buy and upgrade by Mya Systems and thanks for sharing Jamie!
    Definitely 6 fig sale.

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