FAO Schwarz Domain Names Change Ownership From Toys R Us?

FAO.com and FAOSchwartz.com have both transferred ownership from Geoffrey LLC (Toys R Us) to a company called eStream, Inc. while also transferring domain registrars from MarkMonitor to Domain.com according to new whois records.


eStream appears to be a web development firm but this transfer of ownership makes little sense to me and may indicate a sale or something like it? Giving a development firm ownership of a domain name asset they do not own, is a bad idea and simply doesn’t make sense.

So, something is up!

Back in February 2016, I had noticed Toys R Us had shut down Toys.com and removed the co-branding from ToysRUs.com but FAO co-branding remained at that time, as did KB Toys and Babies R Us. As of at least now, all co-branding is gone from the main website besides Babies R Us.

In July 2015, F.A.O Schwarz closed it famous NYC store.

FAO.com and the typo domain name FAOSchwartz.com both currently redirect to the ToysRUs.com website and appear to have started doing this around mid April 2016.

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