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So…. I’ve decided to do a video series on Domain Names!

I hope you join along in this new series that I have been thinking of doing for awhile now. I want to help you with domain names in any way that I can.

If you have some domain name questions you would like answered, please submit them in the comments section and I will pick some to do videos on. Some videos will be just me, like above, some will be screencasts and I even plan on doing some live versions!

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10 thoughts on “DotWeekly Domain Video Series

  1. Good luck Jamie! I also always found your articles very informative and well written. Looking forward to the videos.

  2. Love this! I hope you still put the names themselves in the content somewhere – easier to read too. Big question – what, if any, tools are you using these days?

  3. Hello Jamie,
    We are always interested in your helpful input. Its always rewarding to see Industry leaders, such as yourself sharing what they know. Kudos

    1. Hello Jamie,
      Your timing on your video project is perfect!
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