Back in September 2014 I wrote a little article with the title: The Million Dollar Available Domain Name

Well, I was doing some searching for somebody one day and I happened to type the two letter domain name into’s whois. The domain name was showing as “Available”. I wasn’t sure what was going on and I wrote about it.

“Mike” posted a comment stating that the domain name was deleted from the registry and any two letter .com domains that were deleted, would be held by the registry (Verisign in this case) and the domain wouldn’t be available for registration any more! (Appendix 6)

Well, “anymore” has arrived!

“Steve” just alerted me by posting a comment in my September article that is now active again and whois is showing a generic CSC Corporation Services Company (large domain name registrar/service for many companies) whois data.

The domain name was registered until 2020 prior but domain name registrar at the time deleted the domain name from the registry and put “” as the name servers.

Satoshi, the past owner of the domain name prior to it being deleted by Dotster, commented on another article done by Andrew over at .  Another comment also mentioned being active again today and Andrew said he reached out to Verisign for comment, so I’m sure he will have that reply with-in the coming days. Update: Andrew has posted his story and it’s an interesting one!

Shady is what it is! Wild Wild West! Money talks!


It will be interesting to see who the BUYER is! What is done to the domain and what Satoshi does about it!

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6 thoughts on “ Reactivated By Registry

  1. This is very interesting. It’s worth noting that Verisign uses CSC as their registrar, so the domain is likely sitting in Verisign’s CSC account. I doubt they’ll just hold onto the domain forever. I wonder how they’ll distribute it.

    1. @Collin,
      Prior to the 16th, the domain wasn’t even included in the zone file! is loaded up on PEER 1 hosting with most of the 799 domains on the server are not related based on what I could see. Verisign mainly uses its own servers and for it’s name server.

      1. True, but no one could have brought this domain back from the dead except for Verisign. The IP address it points to is also owned by CSC, so it’s likely that Verisign just hasn’t touched the domain yet.

  2. This premium gem belongs to Satoshi Shimoshita aka “toho”, a Japanese domain investor. It was effectively stolen from him.

  3. I noticed that before the article on DNW was published.
    In Oct 2013 I sent ICANN a formal info request and I got the same answer as Andrew.
    You can find all docs with my comments on TheDomains thread, and a new UPDATE today, with a link to DNW.

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