Domain Movers: (fitting)

MOVE over you domain lovers! Here is the movers addition of domain movers! Sounded good, but today isn’t the most exciting list I have discovered but that stuff happens when the weekend comes around, but there are still some nice domains in the list that were purchased recently and likely wouldn’t have been reported other wise. I’m not a reporter, I just happen to love domain names and I write about things that I see in case you may be interested or missed the following: has been purchased by Old Mutual Plc from FUTURE MEDIA ARCHITECTS, INC. for a currently undisclosed amount. I’m pretty sure FMA is the largest 3 letter domain name holder? I know there are a lot of them, but FMA owns A LOT of 3 letter .com domains! (I didn’t check the facts, because I don’t care) was purchased by a likely large company, as the domain has transferred to domain name registrar MarkMonitor. The domain name was parked with prior to the sale. Based on what I could see, the domain was likely listed for sale for around $3K? NeatReceipts would be a potential buyer, but they have already (as well as others relating to organizing receipts) but they appear to use GoDaddy as a registrar… so it may not be them, plus I’m sure thereĀ  is more than one receipt organizer company in this world. was included in a recent transaction between IBM Corporation and UNICOM. UNICOM acquired IBM ration focal point and rational Purify Plus Solutions from IBM and the website resides on the domain name. The transaction completed December 31, 2014 has been purchased. The domain was owned by Marchex, then Original Web Ventures Inc., then Abstract Holdings, then back to (8/21/2014) Original Web Ventures, then to a Bruce Westenskow and now into privacy protection and the domain transferred to GoDaddy. I think Bruce was the recent buyer. I wasn’t able to see a listing or sales price for but it sold. Trying to tell the whole story by just looking at whois and using search engines often leaves me scratching my head, similar to why Original reappeared in whois again! was purchased by Masco Corporation, which is a manufacturer of products for the home improvement and new home construction markets. Masco is also a provider of a variety of installed products and services, including insulation for home builders.

I was not able to find a sales price. has been purchased by Target Brands, Inc. from New Ventures Services, Corp (aka / NSI / The domain appeared to expire 10/30/2013, was warehoused (yes I said warehoused) by Web and purchased by Target about 8/6/2014 but only registered to a “Jason Anderson” until recently. I wasn’t able to find a sales price but dirty money is dirty money. may have been sold by Gannett/Classified Ventures (Gannett recently purchased CV and its / etc. but CV owned is still registered to Classified Ventures and the old website still resolves, BUT the domain name was transferred to GoDaddy. All other CV domains remain at MarkMonitor and MarkMonitor is also the domain name registrar of choice for Gannett. So why would they transfer to GoDaddy? They likely sold it! or I could be totally wrong, which does happen from time to time, but I could also be right, ahead of the game! Flip a coin or keep checking the domain to see what happens or keep reading DotWeekly and I may tell you if I notice it again or need to move soon and see the domain in some bathroom stall.

P.S. I bet a water type company would love to own, but it’s a software! What a drain!

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