Domain Discount Club Is Worth It

The GoDaddy Domain Discount Club is worth the investment! If you purchase domain names in GoDaddy Auctions, have at least 20 domains, you are lazy… then I really think it’s worth it!

I am extremely cheap, sometimes lazy and I love a deal when I can find it and the discount club is a deal. This is why I think it’s worth to purchase and why I purchased it.

Using a 35% discount code, you get your membership for around $55 ($90.60 without coupon)! Consider that renewal rates on .com domains are around $12-$14 per domain/year… with DDC your .com renewal rates are in the $8 range. That alone saves you about $4 per domain.

Auto-Renew. I set all my domains to auto-renew to be safe and this has come to bite me many times if I didn’t pay attention. I always renewed domains in the past using a coupon code, but if the domain auto renews, you will be paying “full price” (without DDC). If you have DDC, your .com renewals are the lowest available renewal price (currently around $8 ish). So without DDC, a couple auto renews and your DDC membership is paid for! I cringed getting auto renew emails and seeing I had paid full price to renew a domain, but I no longer need to worry about it!

Coupon codes. The hunt is over, well almost! GoDaddy was the king of coupon codes and there was always a large amount available… well, that is simply not the case anymore! Some domains may also receive drug coupons. Renewal codes are extremely hard to find now, so it becomes an extreme pain to simply find one, let alone 3, 4, 10 etc depending on how many you need to renew domains each day, week, month! No more need to code hunt with the domain discount club.

TIP: Transfer and new domain codes still exist, but you can still use them even if you have DDC. I use the $1.99 /$2.49 codes to transfer domains to GoDaddy all the time.

GoDaddy Auctions. If you buy expired domain names in GoDaddy Auctions, with every purchase, you are paying a domain name renewal. Again, without a coupon code you are paying around $14 + the auction ending price. With DDC, you are paying about $8 for the renewal + auction price. Savings for sure if you purchase several expired domain auctions a day/week. This alone can add up enough for you to easily justify the DDC membership.

Added Bonuses. 1 yr membership to GoDaddy Auctions. CashParking Premium (80% revenue)


With the fact that domain renewal coupon codes at GoDaddy are becoming a thing of the past, I see the domain discount club a wise purchase. Even at Full Price, I think it’s worth it! Clearly, you have to look at YOUR situation of how many domains you have at GoDaddy (that need to be renewed annually), if you purchase expired domain auctions etc.

It is time saving! I spent a lot of time in the past hunting for “good” domain renewal codes and ones that worked! I simply do not need to do this any more. I do look for transfer codes or new registration codes from time to time but not nearly as much as I have looked for renewal codes in the past.

So if you are on the fence about saving money on renewals and are having a harder time even finding a coupon code for domain renewal savings, I suggest you get the domain discount clubΒ here and enter in the coupon code CJC35NEWC at checkout to get 35% off (Total will be just under $58.49 for the year)! I purchased it and am happy that I did!

Tip: How do I find a discount code when purchasing the DDC?

During checkout at GoDaddy, there is a part in the cart that allows you to enter in a promotional code. I wish I had a bunch of working codes or could generate one for you but the easiest way is to search domain name forums like I did just that for you and Β CJC35NEWC is the working one I could find at this time. If that one doesn’t work overtime, it’s easiest to search at the forum.

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25 thoughts on “Domain Discount Club Is Worth It

  1. I have severaal hundred domains and it just makes sense, the savings all add up especially during those months where there are no GD coupons or you haven’t got time to hunt for any!

  2. Very well explained Jamie πŸ™‚
    I have got the DCC and it’s worth a lot. Still GD is better with DCC compare to other registrars because moving out and learning the new interface and features is more time consuming.

      1. Thanks!
        It would be more nice to see your posts on frequent basis like you used to do in past. Since your data was lost (if I remember correctly) speed has been slow.

        Hope to see you back in full action.
        Good luck!

        1. I am trying to write some more now πŸ˜‰ and hopefully will be able to continue to write. “speed has been slow”? Do you mean the site loads slow?

          1. Glad to hear the site loads fine, because that has been an issue with my current hosting. I’d like to go with VPS, but justifying the nearly $100 a month is hard when my current website income is about $0 πŸ™‚ . Yes, I have not been writing much, simply due to lack of time! I had been working outside of home, having a 3 yr old etc has prevented me from blogging and domaining in general. I am getting back on the horse with domaining, blogging and hopefully developing a couple new sites as well.

  3. That’s a lot of money every month if the website is income not impressive.
    Yeah, I can understand. Keeps checking your updates at FB with your kid. Looks great.
    Sounds like a good plan to me πŸ™‚

    1. *

      I think maybe I wasn’t clear. You can save big on the actual membership fee itself, including membership renewals.

      For new regs, the coupons still work.

      It’s a great deal if you have a lot of domains.


  4. It may be worth it if you are using go daddy for your main registrar.
    But no one should do that. Go Daddy is one of the worst. Avoid.
    There are horror stories every month.

    1. @Konstantinos,
      I use GoDaddy as my main registrar and never had any issues. Yes there are “stories” but that is with anything.

      1. These are not “stories”. These are real stories.
        I have been changed with hidden fees.

        Some account representative registered a TM domain on my name on his own.

        I was not refunded thousands of dollars from pre-orders until I found out.

        Domains disappear without explanation from accounts.
        That is just from 2014.

        The fact that you were lucky does not mean anything.

        1. @Konstantinos,
          I’m not saying things do not happen at GoDaddy, but it’s not only GD. Other registrars have issues. Also, I was not intending to call them just stories, as “fake”, there are simply millions of situations that can happen and often do.

        2. *

          “Some account representative registered a TM domain on my name on his own.”

          Then you need to come out of the shadows and let the rest of us know the domain name in question; otherwise, you’re just blowing smoke, signifying nothing. This is something others would need to know in full, so why bring it up as innuendo?

          I realize that Go Daddy is NOT perfect; their auction protocol leaves a lot to be desired — the auctioning of expired domains that still belong to customers whose rights have not yet expired. I suspect this will change some day. And, sometimes, they won’t ‘fess up at blunders.

          But of all the registrars, Go Daddy is still the best and the most responsive. They also seem to be positioning away from all those sexist ads, and their panel is improving as well.

          I also have domains at Dynadot, Domainmonster, Register (just two, about to move one out), and Dotster (two .tel).

          The first two are excellent in their own ways. The other two, meh.

          I understand that Name and Namecheap are good as well, but two many accounts are too difficult to keep track.


          1. A bit crazy today, aren’t we?

            Here is to shadows, smoke and innuendo:

            Go Daddy just registered 2 trademark New gTLD domain names in my account:

            Update on my Go Daddy trademark problem: Go Daddy is protecting me by exposing me:

            Fabulous and Dynadot are the best.
            Then Enom and

          2. *

            I get your point, and I even responded back in February, for what looked like a stupid mistake on Go Daddy’s part. And I fully agree that Go Daddy needs to design some of its platforms better.

            But your comment today made it sound like that a Go Daddy rep had registered a domain in your name for himself; at least that’s how it sounded to me, which was not the case.

            Sorry for my misunderstanding.

            And, yes, it’s a crazy day, starting with Rick Schwartz’s book-length post.




    2. To offer a different point of view, I haven’t had any issues with Go Daddy. I’ve used heaps of different registrars and they’ve been the best by far. I’ve been gradually migrating all of my domains to Go Daddy over the past couple of years.

    1. @Domainer,
      I have yet to find any that work in bulk. I just doing them one at a time and enjoy the savings πŸ™‚ Maybe if you call? but not likely. With anything, I’m sure GoDaddy doesn’t like losing money when you use the $1.99 transfer code, so they make you work for it a little bit πŸ™‚

  5. Any one with Discount Domain Club Membership renewal coupon for Godaddy in the month of June 2015. Please help.

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