How To: Domain Transfer Out Of New Moniker just changed to a new site design and this often leads to having a hard time finding what you are looking for! Well, domain name registrars rarely ever want to see you leave, so they can make the transfer out process hard and Monikers new design does just this.

So how do you transfer a domain name OUT of to another domain registrar?

After logging into your account, on the far left side of the screen, look for Domains and then My Domains.

After clicking My Domains, find the specific domain name you wish to transfer out.

There is a column called Transferlock. You will need to “unlock” the domain before transferring, so click the Lock Symbol, to make it unlocked.

Once Unlocked, you will want to click the actual domain name, which is underlined, in the Domain column.

This will bring you to a new page. On this new page, there is a dark gray heading bar with the terms Advanced Settings and Whois Mode. Click the Advanced Settings box and the page will expand.

On the expanded page, the second light gray box, you will see the section called Authorization. Click the Request Authcode via email box.

Once you have the EPP code (authorization code) you can enter that code at the gaining registrar to transfer the domain out.

Transferring domain names is a pain in the butt! If you do it often, it’s ok, but most people do not transfer domain names everyday and each domain name registrar is a little bit different. The above is just one part of transferring a domain name.

If you were to be transferring a domain TO for an example: You need to log into your GoDaddy account and then in your My Account section, near the top of the page, click on Domains. In the drop down box, you will see Transfer Domains.

You then type your domain  name you wish to transfer and follow the checkout process. You will get several emails from GoDaddy, but one is the important one. It will start Action Needed.

Action Needed email contains two codes.

These two codes and the EPP transfer code need to be entered. In order to enter these codes, you have to follow the page tree of… My Account / Manage My Domains / Domains (drop down) /Pending Account Changes.

You then need to click the red text to add the codes. Upon clicking the red text, you still need to click “Add”. This allows you to enter the two codes from within the GoDaddy email. Then the EPP code will need to be entered.

Once finished, it takes about 5-7 days for the domain to transfer to GoDaddy.

Like I said, transferring domain names is a pain in the butt! The more to transfer, the bigger the butt you need or you will be so sore, you won’t be able to sit for weeks!

Anyway, I was going to talk about GoDaddy’s domain discount club (I think it’s worth it for domain investors, because GoDaddy coupon codes are pretty much null now) but that will be for another post! Update: Here is the article I wrote about GoDaddy Domain Discount Club.


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15 thoughts on “How To: Domain Transfer Out Of New Moniker

  1. Moniker is an absolute pain in the **ss, these days.

    I have one domain at Moniker that I’ve been trying to transfer out for nearly 2 weeks – but, Moniker supplies me with a INVALID AuthCode! This is rejected by the receiving Registar.

    I’ve had Moniker email me an AuthCode for this domain 8 times now….They supply me with the SAME INVALID AuthCode every time…!

    I’ve raised 4 support tickets….sent 3 emails….called ‘Support’, asking for a Valid AuthCode for the domain….Not even an acknowledgement, let alone a Valid AuthCode…!!

    How hard is it to supply a Valid AuthCode??

    I can’t for the life of me understand how ANY business can behave like this – yet – this Bonnie-whats-her-name, CEO of Moniker, sends out platitudinous messages saying we’re working ‘diligently’ on resolving issues…

    …Working ‘Diligently’, my **ss…!


  2. Your post came at the good time as I need to transfert out a name I sold today and I admit I had no idea how to do it.

    Is it normal that after having clicked the lock to unlock the domain there is a “task pending” animated gif that replace the lock and nothing happen. After +30 minutes, many refreshes and return to the list page, allways this animation saying something is happening….
    And the “send me the auth. code” don’t send me any email. Strange…

    I will check out tomorrow.

    1. Glad I could help out! As for the gif image, when I clicked the little lock symbol, it switched to a spinning image and then an unlocked image. It took about 5 seconds? to go to unlocked I would guess. I got my authcode email within a minute or less after clicking the send auth.

      1. Guys, the lock/unlock function is now broken. Support says a glitch is apparant and domains should unlock soon. We shall see…
        If you are also seeing this, might be a good idea to contact support.

  3. This morning I received my auth. code and now my domain show the unlock icon in the Moniker domain manager, so I guess the thing is just be very patient.

    I will include your article in our newsletter today to help others domainers because without your step by step guide I would have been unable to transfer a domain out.

    Thanks Jamie!

    1. No problem Sam! I struggled as well, so that is why I shared the how to. I’m a bit surprised they made it so hard as well, but I guess those are the games they want to play.

  4. Thank you very much for this post.
    I just went through the entire process.
    There’s just one small correction i’d like to make:

    In order to enter the codes emailed by GoDaddy, you have to follow the page tree of… My Account / Manage My Domains / Domains (drop down) / Transfers (NOT “pending account changes”) / Pending Transfers In

  5. Hi -I am trying to figure out how to transfer a domain within Moniker from one owner to another. I recently sold the domain and the buyer opened an account at Moniker, which I thought would make things easier. But there are no instructions or boxes to check on how to do this and their “support” doesn’t answer my requests for help.

    I have unlocked the domain and received the authorization code and I have the buyer’s Moniker ID, but what do I do now??

    Thanks for any help. After this I think I’m going to cease all dealings with Moniker 🙁

    1. Hi Larry,

      I just looked for you and this is what I found on how to push a domain via the new :
      Login and click My Domains on the left side. Place a checkmark next to the domain name you wish to “push” and then near the top of the screen you will see a drop down box (white in color) with the words “Please Select”. Click that drop down and you will see Push Domain / Domain Push. Click that. Then click Submit. Enter in the customer number of the person getting the domain and click Verify to the right. I think you have to click the same Verify button again, as it likely changes to Save.

      Hope that helps!

  6. Oh how I hate this new moniker and their “support”!

    I’ve sold a domain but we Iam not able to transfer it away from moniker.
    These douchebags don’t answer for decades and after I finally get a response from the support, all I they’ve sent me was just a standard-answer thanking me for my improvement suggestions, without any help regarding my problem! >_<

    I've had problems in the past and after the redesign I wasn't able to transfer out one domain, even with the best registrars known for their quick transfers it was not possible.

    Take this as a warning: AVOID MONIKER!

    These are a bunch of amateurs now, it's not the same anymore. I would (and will!) move all of my 200+ domains IF I WAS ABLE TO.

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