Ultra Premium Domain Peach.com Is For Sale


Premium generic domain name Peach.com is for sale!

Once in a lifetime? Go big or go home? Apple, Blackberry, Orange?

Branding with a catchy, soft (yet powerful), relatable, happy tone is extremely hard. Like, really hard! Peach is one of the rare names that reflects a happy, catchy and easy to remember brand name. In order to secure a brand to its full extent, IMO, includes owning the very best domain name to go along with it. Peach.com in this case.

December 2, 1994 Peach.com was registered and hasn’t been available for sale since that time, until now. Owned and used by Peachtree Software until 1999 when the company was acquired by Sage Software Inc. for $145 million.

The domain name asset has been owned by Sage Software since the acquisition of Peachtree and hasn’t been used since.

If you have been saving your pennies, now’s the time to consider spending those. Kiwi.com sold for $800,000 USD and was the name picked for the rebrand of Skypicker in 2016.

I like Peach.com better! Very clear and easy to spell.

How much? Mid six figures is a good place to start and IMO, it’s so worth it. I’d spend that in a heart beat if I had it. A brand name means so much. Ring.com paid $1M for Ring.com moving away from Doorbot. Jamie, the CEO of Ring.com valued the branding value to be $30-$50 Million at the time of the exit to Amazon for $1B+. Peach.com is worth $1M-2M to the right buyer, it certainly is.

How to make an offer? The domain name sale is being handled by brand protection service MarkMonitor, the service used by Sage. You can visit here to present an offer of purchase. Again, do not waste your time or MarkMonitors unless your offer is well into six figures USD.

This is a very rare chance to own an extremely powerful brand name. The domain name alone, allows you to create your brand as Peach/Peach.com. It’s advised to view peach trademarks and the class the TM covers. If a live TM for peach would block you, then it’s not a good fit for you or your business (unless you acquire the TM).

Disclosure. I am not connected in any way with the sale of this domain name, just making you aware of it.

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One thought on “Ultra Premium Domain Peach.com Is For Sale

  1. Jamie – It’s obviously an awesome name.

    But, similar to other ‘highly generic’ names out there (sold, or offered for sale), no ‘little guy’ should even think about buying it.

    With 578 LIVE trademark applications or registrations for the mark “peach” in the USPTO’s database, you’re going to need very deep pockets to fight off all the potential litigants. And even large enterprises can lose domain names and trademarks – happens every day.

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