Assuming something sometimes makes you an ass! Well, that happens to me almost everyday and there is something that I constantly do when looking at a whois searches. That little “screenshot” of what a website looks like on the right side of the screen, it is deceiving based on the “Last Checked” date.

Every time I see that, I assume the screenshot shown is FROM the “Last Checked Date”, but it is NOT! Even though a last checked date … Read the rest

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I’d like to start writing some stuff than my domain movers series but that series takes up the vast majority of my time, so I fail to have the energy to write other stuff… and I would love to write all day really but it is what it is. So anyway, here are some random things that I’m thinking and I hope some of my thoughts will help you in some way!

Free Domain Name Server “Spy” Tool

Domainers love … Read the rest

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Connecting the dots, tracing tracks! New Ventures Services Corp is one of those “who is that” kind of “services / companies” that “sells” domain names and nobody really knows who they are. Well, I traced the tracks and all roads lead to Network Solutions/ / aka! is a dirty cherry picking company! Domains expire, they cherry pick them, keep some, offer them for sale at higher than normal expired auction prices etc.

When a registered domain … Read the rest

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Whois is an extremely useful tool and is provided in various forms from a lot of different services. Each service offers a variety of information with a whois query, but just keep in mind that the data you are seeing is not always “real time”!

This can be very frustrating and the source to see the most accurate data is directly from the registry of the extension (TLD).

Real life example

The domain name had recently sold and I … Read the rest

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