ISIS Wallet To Rebrand To Softcard?

ISIS Wallet™ payment service announced on July 7, 2014 that the company will be rebranding ISIS in the coming months due to the companies name being used by a militant group.

Well, I am confident enough to announce that ISIS will very likely be Softcard!


A lot of “Softcard” domain names have been registered starting on July 31, 2014 and continue each day and most have very similar connections to domain names used by ISIS now.

ISIS currently uses as it’s main website right now. has been registered via MarkMonitor, the same domain registrar service used by JVL Ventures LLC dba Isis.

Tap to pay is a term used by ISIS and the domain  has been registered. is owned by ISIS, has been registered.

Over 30 domains that I have found have been registered, so this makes me strongly think that ISIS will become Softcard! Clearly this is “early” in the efforts of JVL but I report on things that I see and what I think they are. has yet to be secured based on what I can see, but a fair amount of activity (via whois look-ups) have been taking place, so a likely effort is in place to secure that domain. This would be an important domain for them to secure, but they also launched not owning

Here is the full list of recently registered domains that I could dig up and verify using whois that are very likely connected to ISIS and the brand management service MarkMonitor. (new gTLD domain)

DNStination Inc. is displayed in whois records for the domains, and this is basically a “general” holder when the client doesn’t wish to be revealed yet. A whois privacy if you wish.

Jamie Zoch, Founder of is a digger and often discovers interesting “breaking news” stories using various techniques and simply hard work!’s valuable information is often first to publish. I am available for hire if you are interested in working with me or would like to have exclusive rights to info like this. If you are interested in doing something like that, please contact me today with your interest or offers.

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    1. It’s not overly uncommon for companies to do the defensive registrations right away. Some companies go over the top with it and some just do the basics.

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