Company Domain Movers From Visa, Bayer & More

Company domain movers are domain name that were registered, purchased or simply moving by large companies. There can also be information relating to company purchases, new product releases, brand launches and more in these articles, which often can lead to you seeing the information first. With that being said, you can view all of these articles using the DotWeekly Discoveries category if this is your first time seeing this article.

Here we go:

DNStination Inc. (MarkMonitor)

Registered the domain name likely on behalf of a client. Although a four word domain name, it is catchy, makes sense and will be a nice tag line for a likely ad campaign.

Soft Card?

Another unknown MarkMonitor client and a large set of domains. A lot of “Soft Card” domains were registered, like,,,,,,,,,, plus more.

It is hard to tell if the domain is owned by the MarkMonitor Client, but the domain appears to have a fair amount of activity via whois records as of late. This is an
indication that something is happening with the domain name… like a transfer is taking place or somebody for some reason keeps doing whois searches for the domain.

PerkinElmer, Inc.

Very likely has acquired Airbase Systems Ltd, which was a start up. had some movement and something was up with the domain. From what I can tell, the domain was actually registered by a Erich Norris [email protected] in 2005 but the
domain moved to privacy protection and has remained this was since being registered. The domain moved from several registrars like Melbourne IT, to eNom and then to GoDaddy. had a website on it but the domain started forwarding to This Ā SEC filling shows Airbase Systems LTD as a subsidiary of PerkinElmer Inc.

This article shows the domain used was and the other connection is, which move DNS with, displays Co-Founder Raviv Yatom as the
registrant. Here is a March 26, 2012 article about the product / start-up.

Bayer AG

Registered the domain name . Nice one, I like it and clearly it depends on how they use it, but it’s a domain that will directly connet to the customer and should result
in some nice feedback. Good job Bayer on this domain registration!

Twitter Inc.

Has registered two domain names and those are: and . Hard to say at this point what these were registered for, but they likely are pointing at something.


Registered the domain name and two typo related domains, and

Jerrold holdings LTD

Registered the domain name on 7/31/2014 and now they have registered on 8/1/2014. HugeDomains owns the .com, at least for now…

Gilead Sciences Inc.

Registered the domain name along with the .net/.org/.info domains.

Visa International Service Association

Visa has revealed that they were behind the registration of . The domain held the generic whois data of DNStination, Inc., which often is used by MarkMonitor as a way of a
“privacy service”. The domain was registered in 2011. They also revealed is owned by them. The domain forwards to and doesn’t resolve.

The redirect got me looking into “Visa Checkout” as it was display upon the redirect. is another domain they revealed they own and a pretty large amount of “V Me” domains like,, . Visa does not own, and they used as the “main domain” for the V Me effort. V Me is currently not avialable in the US according to and I also found this story, which states that V Me by Visa has been rebranded to “Visa Checkout”.

Information Resources, Inc

Registered the domain name

M-NET Intelprop Holdings Limited

Registered a large amount of domains relating to “edge”, like for an example. This may have to do with “Edge of Paradise” which is a show they released sometime back in May 2014.


Registered the domain names and as well as / .net

Sold Domains

Both of those domains sold via Afternic.

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