Corporate Domain Discoveries From NetZero, Yahoo & More

Corporate domain discoveries from some of the largest companies on the web contains domain name purchases, registrations and movers and can offer insight into what some companies are doing now, in the near future… Often relating to advertising, branding, new products and services and much more. Here we go with the latest digs from DotWeekly!, Inc.

Has regisered the domain name . was started in 1993 and in 1999 started doing e-commerce. In 2008, the company was purchased by Amazon.

Amazon also registered the domain names, and . Route53 is a highly available and scalable Domain Name System (DNS) web service
and Amazon did announce they will be offering domains, but not on a retail level (partner registrar Gandi) atleast for now..

Yahoo! Inc.

Registered the domain name . I often wondered if “yahoo” used a “yahoo” email address… they do in a way but use . They own about 25,000 domains.

Altria Client Services Inc.

Registered the domain . No clue why they would register the domain “like that”. They do not appear to own at this time. This is a Bad domain
registration! They do not own either, which is for sale via BuyDomains.

CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. (Clients)

Purchased the domain name on behalf of a client from . The domain had a buy it now for $1,388 and that is likely what it sold for.

Kubus Informationssysteme registered on 7/9/2014, so they are the likely .com buyers. They also registered the .info and .biz but do not own the .net. The .net is for sale for $10K. was also purchased on behalf of a client but I wasn’t able to find a price on this one. Continental AG registered on 7/8/2014 and they are the likely .com buyers.

Continental AG, commonly known as Continental or Conti, is a leading German automotive manufacturing company specializing in tires, brake systems, automotive safety, powertrain and chassis

Diageo North America, Inc., a domain name that I had noticed they registered and I mentioned in an earlier article, is getting ready to launch the whisky and has put a coming soon page on the site.
They are using Amazon hosting, which is super popular.


SparkArt Group Inc.

Purchased the domain name from and appears to be getting ready to launch on it. They purchased the domain about 7/2/2014. I wasn’t able to find a sales price
on this one.

Qualcomm Incorporated

Registered .org .info .biz and .us domains. They registered all the domains on 8/1/2014 and interestingly enough, was registered on 7/21/2014
and is under privacy protection. The domain was registered with PublicDomainRegistry and is using Domain Sponsor for parking or atleast DS name servers. Visiting the domain, it has a
“site” on it with a pretty nice “for sale page”.

Either the 7/21/2014 registration by whoever it was, was “by luck” or some insider info was obtained someplace.

Opportune IT Healthcare Solutions

Purchased the domain name for $1,422 via BuyDomains / sales venue. was also purchased this way, via DirectDomains but I couldn’t find the price.

Ace Real Estate

Purchased the domain name for an undisclosed amount at BuyDomains.

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Registered the two domain names and . Maybe a new show of some kind.

NetZero, Inc.

Registered several “Blue Light Mobile” domain names, excluding the exact match (which is owned by Goodlite). NetZero registered .net and Mobile-, to mention a few.

NetZero is an Internet service provider based in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California. It is a subsidiary of United Online, owner of Juno Online Services and BlueLight Internet

So that is the connection to the “BlueLight” term and they use the domain as the main domain for the BlueLight service. My guess for the is that
NetZero plans on using “Mobile” as a sub-domain on I guess it could just be a way for CSC Corporate Domains to sell more domains, because Altria is a CSC customer as well
with the similar registration at the top of this article.

LRC Products Limited (

Used CSC Corporate Domains / who purchased the domain which appears to be via a backorder back in May 2014. The domain was registered before with GoDaddy and expired 3/1/2014. 5/19/2014 the domain was grabbed by a registrar and 3 days later revealed generic whois data of the buyer. Whois updated yesterday to show who the real buyer was.

Sold Domains sold via Sedo back in April 2014 and the domain has transferred to the new owner, who is unknown at this time. sold for $15,000. which was purchased via Sedo was purchased by myTAG Inc. currently forwards to and they are in the process of building a site, which appears to be for a
Community Commerce App.

Tony Pham, is the CEO/Founder

On a sub-domain of the .com, I noticed “So far, we’re a small team of 16 Silicon Valley’s finest slaving away (yet having fun) in San Jose.” I also think they didn’t intend to have these
pages “live” but they are: here is one for you which basicly shows what they are going to offer. which I also think includes some general “thinking” . If you
wish to play around with the about 216 indexed pages….

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