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Thursdays… it’s something about Thursdays that never fail to have a lot of domain name movers by large companies and today is no different! Add in the fact I didn’t post a list yesterday due to only discovering a few and today’s list of domain name movers is huge! These are often early discoveries of domain name purchased, registered or moving for one reason or another. Here we go:

It’s A Domain Fact! Allstate Insurance owns the domain name, which it acquired from GE on February 25, 2009. has been purchased by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. client. The domain was owned by prior and was registered on 1/16/2013. I wasn’t able to find a sales price on this one, but the price was likely in the $1K-$5K range.

Emerson continues on its dirtiest adventure after registering as I reported Tuesday and now they have registered the domain

Twitter, Inc. has registered the domain name has been registered by the Brass Agency. This is very likely for the Despicable Me 2: Meet the Minions movie. which is a fairly popular website has taken some of it down…. they moved hosting of some sort and the domain name does not resolve without www. They have over 1 million indexed pages in Google.

Amazon moved several hundred domain names “out of hiding” that they had registered at GoDaddy under privacy protection to MarkMonitor. That move is nothing new to me! Some of these domains may have been obtained legally as most contain words like Amazon, Kindle etc but many relate to newer released products, services and features and they likely registered most of the movers. for an example but several of the domains hold a “Hermitage LLC” in whois and the email address [email protected] and are very likely Amazon owned! That is not a name I have seen before, but the domains are tied to Amazon. for an example moved from GoDaddy to MarkMonitor but holds the Hermitage LLC in whois. Several of the domains like which is also likely Amazon owned, hold the DNStination Inc. generic whois after moving but all moved together.

Along with the large amount of Amazon domain movers, it appears that they have purchased several domains as well and these domains moved at the same time as the above: was grabbed during the drop on 10/23/2014 by HugeDomains and Amazon appears to have used domain buying service Comlaude to help secure it as a Dana Harkrider shows up in whois on 1/13/2015. By 1/22/2015 Matt Serlin and DNStination Inc. show up in whois. was created on 11/20/2011 and owned by On 11/6/2014 Dana Harkrider shows up in whois and on 11/11/2014 Amazon is displayed. Amazon has put this domain to use and is redirecting it to and it’s Echo page. this domain was owned by and a 10/9/2014 whois record displays Comlaude but under “Domain Manager” and “Domain Licenses Limited”. By 10/12/2014 it shows Matt Serlin and DnStination Inc. . This domain name is being redirected to a AWS blog post about ClassicLink. a domain that was sold at Sedo about 6/18/2012 and whois changed to a “Karen Monteith” using the email address “[email protected]”. Whois has basically remained untouched since until now displaying DNStination Inc. This domain sold for $1,550. One would have to assume this is Amazon owned! this domain appears to have been grabbed on the drop and a “Colin Cameron” is displayed in whois with the email address of “[email protected]”. Notice something similar? is a lawfirm located in Canada. was purchased at Sedo on or about 7/6/2014 and follows the same whois route as above.

Yes more domains moved other than Amazon related domains! and .net have been registered by Facebook. A similar domain, was registered on 1/22/2015 and is owned by Conde Nast Publications Inc.

Gojo Industries registered the domain names and .net has been purchased by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. at Sedo. Air Liquide Sante registered the .net on 12/18/2014 so they are the likely .com buyers. has been purchased by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. client. The domain name was owned by Marchex. The domain was registered in 2002. Continental AG is the likely buyer as they own the .org. This was likely a five figure sale.

CSC used to help them secure for their client Federal-Mogul Corporation has launched as a “new” start-up and purchased the domain name from Vertical Axis. This domain grabbed my attention, because it’s one letter off of a domain name that I own… . One letter away from a payday for me! It appears the start-up purchased the domain name about 1/25/2012 which is a pretty long time ago but the fact is the company started in 2011 and by 2013 raised $2 Million but were in stealth. They came out of stealth at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2014, which they won the $50K grand prize. Vurb is a search engine but focused on mobile search. TechCrunch article.  I do not like the name they choose, mainly because it sounds like the proper spelling Verb, a domain name they do not own. is for sale, but it will likely cost them a lot to buy but Dr. Ham also does not sell his domain names cheap!!! has been acquired by LLC. This is a domain name upgrade for the company as they were using / prior. They are a free press release distribution service. was owned by Narrowcast for a very long time and the transaction appears to have taken place on Valentines Day 2015. The domain was registered in 1995 and the newswire term is used by many companies. which sold in 2011 for $1,499 on Sedo has once again sold on Sedo but I couldn’t find the recent sales price. The domain has been purchased by Index Informatics Ltd in China. and have been hand registered by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. has moved from Melbourne IT Registrant Melbourne IT DBS, Inc. to CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. Melbourne IT DBS was purchased by CSC so I am not sure if Melbourne itself owned and now CSC does OR if they are simply using the whois as “generic” and it is owned by a client? The domain has had several owners over the years but switched to Melbourne IT on 1/24/2012 and has been in privacy or using generic whois data since. The domain does not resolve and appears to have not resolved for years.

And that my friends is what 6 hours of research yields.

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