During my daily digging it strongly is pointing to the domain name Kit.com as selling! Here are my findings:

Kit.com whois ownership changed from KIT Electronics Limited and registered at GoDaddy to transferring to SafeNames LTD. and going into privacy.

Mike Gleissner has owned Kit.com since 8/31/2009.

In 2013 when the domain was owned by Mike yet, whois changed mailing address to London and displayed on the domain was a message that Kit.com was a new project that was going to be revolutionizing social media. This message is displayed on many of Mike’s domains.

On 3/20/2014 KIT Electronics Limited was added to whois but the registrant email address remained the same as prior, so Mike still likely owned the domain at this time. This may have been an early indicator of the sale?

2/26/2015 and Kit.com transfers to SafeNames LTD, which is a London based registrar but currently, the domain names that I have checked that are owned by Mike still remain at the domain registrar GoDaddy and not with SafeNames.

Kit Electronics Co Limited (Kitpcb.com) would be a potential buyer. KitElectronics.com is a potential buyer.. but both are not that likely IMO due to registrars of the domains they currently use.

The same Mike Gleissner who owned Kit.com owns a slew of amazing domains like Fo.com, Guy.com, Mick.com, JG.com, Gloria.com, Fifty.com, Production.com, Jerks.com and hundreds more (with many being LLL.com’s).

I did send an email to Mike to confirm the sale, but I have not heard back at time of posting. Update: Mike has confirmed Kit.com was sold!

Based on the high quality of the domain name, the amount of high quality domains owned by Mike, this sale has clear potential to be one of the highest reported sales of the year so far in 2015 and could hit 7 figures if it did sell and is made public.

May 9, 2015 Update: Kit.com is getting ready to launch! Domain name servers have switched to Amazon hosting. The domain name GetKitApp.com is also connected and launching. This logo has been added to the site:


It is still currently unknown who is behind the new app or what it is. The source page showed “kitincgithubioapp” but I searched github and wasn’t able to find anything. My general searches also didn’t result in finding anything.

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