Yesterday’s list of domain names was huge and today’s is as well. Again, these are often early discoveries by large corporations and domain names they have purchased, are moving around for one reason or another and more.

Here is today’s DotWeekly Discoveries list:

Amazon Technologies has registered several variations of the domain name and the plural of the term. They have also registered the domian names and but do not currently own the domain according to whois but the owners are aware. (update: 2/28/2015 12:07 am, the owners have informed me that sold “this week”) Amazon WorkDocs is a fully managed, secure enterprise storage and sharing service with strong administrative controls and feedback capabilities that improve user productivity which was recently announced. They recently announced this.

DD IP Holder LLC (Dunkin Brands) has registered the domain name but the singular version was registered on 2/15/2015 by a Andrew DeMicco at GoDaddy and he doesn’t appear to be connected with Dunkin that I could tell.

General Motors LLC has registered several variations of domain names relating to the Camaro.,, and . The 2016 Camaro is the 6th generation of the car. I drive a van but would much rather drive a Camaro!

Twitch Interactive, Inc. has secured the domain name this to go along with which covered recently. Twitch was purchased by Amazon for nearly a billion dollars and its main domain name is

CSC CORPORATE DOMAINS, INC. appears to have registered a domain name for itself? for maybe a new product? The domain is . is for sale currently but not owned by CSC. has been registered by WP COMPANY LLC (The Washington Post). They are the owners of over 1,100 domain names. has been registered by LEGO Juris A/S. Elves will be a theme to be introduced in March of 2015 by Lego. The theme revolves around four elves who can control elemental powers and will launch as products and an app.

It amazes me that some companies wait so long to register and protect their brands as domains! Even though most of the time the companies us the brands main domain and either a sub-domain or category like Lego is the domain can be used in a lot of ways! At least they registered it as some companies simply fail to even do that!

lego-elves has been purchased by a currently unknown CSC CORPORATE DOMAINS, INC. client. the domain was owned by Marchex Sales, Inc. This is a fairly popular surname. has likely changed ownership and maybe to VeriSign? DRP Group of Great Britain owned the domain prior but the domain has changed ownership to L & G of New York which can be just about anything really! One thing that sticks out to me, is the email address in whois, which is a known secret domain buyer.

VeriSign is currently celebrating 30 year of .com and is using the domain for a contest. has been purchased by Gartner, Inc. The transaction likely took place on 8/7/2014 and I had reported on this sale at the time. The domain sold in 2013 on Afternic for $3,850 and June 2011 for $1,399 but the 2014 sales price is unknown which was likely the highest of those sales.

Home Box Office, Inc. registered the domain name

Unilever Plc has registered the domain name

Johnson & Johnson has registered the domain names .org and .info and currently do not own but the owner is now aware of the registrations and the recently filed TM thanks to some nice guy! J&J also filed a trademark for the term Invega Trinza and that matching .com was registered 10/17/2014 via 1&1 by a Frank Wiegand. J&J registered the .net .org and .biz on different dates. Frank also owns the .info. a domain name that was registered at by a Rui Huang of Senstic with a gmail email address has changed to Microsoft as the owners on 12/12/2014. The domain was registered on 2/21/2014. Microsoft does offer cloud based dvr. Microsoft filed a trademark for the Onedrive term on 2/27/2014. Rui Huang appears to be the creator of the DVR.Webcam app so the connection with Microsoft is unknown. While doing research and trying to visit, the site doesnt resolve although the site has severalindexed pages. Then I tried visiting including www. and the site resolved.

Senstic is a software company that develops sensor-based solutions for consumers and consumer products like PocketAudio, IP Cam, i-Clickr, Air Cam and Pocket Cam. Senstic is on a Microsoft IP location. There is potential that Microsoft has purchased Senstic or they may be connected in some fashion. came out of privacy at GoDaddy and transferred to MarkMonitor under privacy. The domain was registered May 2012 and may be connected to the above.

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