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Here is the latest round of digging from DotWeekly on domain name movers that are connected with large companies. Amazon is once again a big player in today’s list, as it often is, but really has been the past several days. Zynga is also a big player in today’s once again HUGE list of domain movers! has been acquired, likely by Amazon as they have been buying up all kinds of “Echo” domains. The domain was owned by and registered at eNom and has transferred to MarkMonitor but using the generic DNStination Inc. in whois currently. I wasn’t able to find a purchase price.

Amazon also appears (same whois as above) to have purchased the domain from on 12/3/2013 with the help of again. also appears to have been acquired on or about 2/14/2014. has been acquired by another Amazon company, Zappos. This domain appears to have been acquired at or by the help of SnapNames with a 4/29/2010 whois record showing in whois with the email address “[email protected]”. The domain was not near expire date at this time. A 5/3/2010 record shows a “Sean Heneghan for” and whois stayed that way until 7/26/2010 when Zappos appeared in whois. The domain remained with the DNS since that time and now has changed to the general MarkMonitor name servers. Zappos owns about 1,700 domain names. has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain has been registered since May 2002 and interestingly enough… it appears the domain was likely acquired around 2006! The domain sat basically untouched since with the same name servers and whois data of DNStination, Inc. The recent change was to DNS and it went to the general MarkMonitor name servers. Maybe Amazon?

Zynga appears to be moving a lot of domain names around and many of these appear to have been acquired at some point, with some just moving that they had hand registered. For an example, was owned by International Health Awareness Center, Inc. and on 9/16/2013 the domain went into privacy at GoDaddy. A 9/21/2013 whois record shows a “Jennifer Lam” with the email address “[email protected]” in whois and remained that way until 7/29/2014 when the domain went back into privacy protection. The domain remains currently registered at GoDaddy but has switched to MarkMonitor name servers. There are a lot of domains like this (in a VERY large list of domains I am looking at) so here are at least some that I feel would be Zynga owned:
Plus many Zynga+GameName .com and .net domains. There were also several .net and .org domains that I didn’t include in the list. I may have missed a couple as well due to the volume! appears to have been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client but the domain was owned by Aly Capital Inc. of the British Virgin Islands before going into privacy at GoDaddy and that was a recent whois change on 11/19/2014. HK Chiau of Hong Kong owned the domain prior to Aly showing up in the one whois record prior to going into privacy protection. Aly owns the domain as well as, and about 80 domains total… but none of them are registered at CSC.. so that makes me think that Aly was only connected in some fashion with the sale of and they are not the buyers. HK Chiau owned the domain since 4/1/2011. has been acquired by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. The domain name was registered on 1/14/2014 by a Steve Scott / Brickshop UK with a email address. Bricksburg is a LEGO term, so this may be related to the Lego Movie? was registered by Microsoft. The do not own the .com or .net domains but both are registered. has been acquired by which appears to be Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc which is an insurance company and purchased the domain from Gregg Ostrick of GNO, Inc. The whois is generic but DNS has been set to The company uses as its main domain name. Marsh also happens to own but it doesn’t resolve currently. has been registered by Ford Motor Company to add to its 8,000+ other domain names.

Today’s list took me about 5.5 hours to research after digging 10’s of thousands of domain names. I often see many, many domains acquired and registered by companies but often the domains simply do not make sense or are simply “brand protection” domains that really wouldn’t present much interest by looking at the domain. Simply put, most of these domains like this will never be used. I try my best to present domains that will likely be used in some fashion. Sometimes the Domain Movers list is “smaller” but this isn’t from a lack of effort or domains that I could publish.

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