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Welcome to Domain Movers, a series done by DotWeekly where I dig to find domain name that are moving for one reason or another, with most domains being acquired, registered and more by large corporations. Coming off of a weekend, these lists are often smaller but today’s isn’t that small and still has some interesting domain name movers in it.

It’s A Domain Fact! The first registered ccTLD’s were .us, .uk, and .il, all registered in 1985.

Time Inc. has acquired ownership of the domain name from MIKKEL BONDESEN of, which is a creative agency but this appears to be just a domain name transaction as there was no site on the domain and Mikkel has owned the domain for many years. Time Inc is heavily into fashion with sites like and many more, so I would think this domain will get used in that fashion.

Emerson has registered the dirtiest blog name that can be registered! Emerson is a fortune 500 company with over 115,000 employees with over 24.5 billion in revenue in 2014. Emerson manufactures products and provides engineering services for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. has been registered by Betaworks One, Inc. which is a start-up studio based in New York who make essential products using art and science. took a virtual trip from domain name registrar Network Solutions Inc. to MarkMonitor. also took the same trip. R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company own and about 600+ other domains, while is owned by, LLC who own a little over 300 domain names. has been acquired by Shopify Inc. at . This domain was owned by, but he took a profit and sold it for $4,059 in July 2012 and was purchased by Stanley Pace and he owned it until the recent sale. I have not seen the sales price from when Shopify purchase it, but it’s likely five figures, just how high is the question. has been hand registered by AB AGRI LIMITED and a Greg Horn owns the proper English spelling . Speciality is a British term with the i before the t. has been purchased from on or about April 11, 2014 by the Speakman Company. Speakman offers shower heads and faucets. The domain was registered 2/2/2010 and I was unable to find a sales price, but most domains listed for sale at HugeDomains are in the $1K-$5K price range. was registered by Publicis Groupe, which is a French multinational advertising and public relations company hired by the Cadillac company for a new ad. The domain name is displayed in the ad and was hand registered on 2/2/2015. Great commercial, daring domain that is guaranteed to be losing traffic to the non-hypeneated version which is not owned by Publicis or Cadillac.

“At Cadillac, we dare greatly. Because we believe that only those who dare, drive the world forward.” was registered in 2007 and is owned by a Maria Tecarro and is using GoDaddy’s Cash Parking. I’m not sure if Publicis even attempted to purchase the domain, but they should or should have as it would have been worth the investment IMO! is now owned by Valeant Pharmaceuticals International and has transferred to domain name registrar The domain was owned by Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation and registered at GoDaddy. The reason for the change of ownership, is becasue Valeant purchased Medicis for $2.6 Billion in September 2012 and the domain was part of the transaction.

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2 thoughts on “Domain Movers:, & More

  1. Shane bought for $3,000 and sold it for $4,000. I would think this name would fetch at least 20 grand from an end user.

  2. This is just a blip on the list of names that I sold in the past that I could get five figures for now. As I told Jamie, looking in the rearview window is useless. I was happy the profit, used it to buy another name and kept moving. I sold 10 NNNN.coms for under $2-4K as well. I could have sold them now for an easy $100K. If I would have followed the hold for a long method I would have never had the money to buy sello in the first place. Long story short, if you make a profit on a name and are happy, don’t worry about what they next guy got for it.

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