Domain Sells to Luxco For $10K is reporting the sale of for $10,000 usd on it’s Facebook page today.

Luxco which is a premium alcohol supplier of popular brands like Everclear, Pearl, Rebel Yell, Arrow and many more.

Luxco announced a “campaign” with the slogan Make It Your Own in a July 2, 2014 news release and displayed the domain in the news release.


It appears the transaction took place in mid June 2014?

It is not overly uncommon for a large brand to pay five figures for a domain name to exactly match a campaign or slogan they will be using. Ford paid $10K for “” and many more companies also budget accordingly to acquire the matching domain to an important slogan or campaign. is already live.

Interesting side note, this domain may have been owned by Luxco before? is showing a Jan 10 ,2014 archive of the current site. Another 2014 archive on May 17, 2014 shows a parked page with inquire link to . This could have been a costly oops, as Luxco may have let the domain expire? is showing an archived whois registry of Luxco owning the domain in 2008.

I hate not having DomainTools whois history or I could give you a better answer!

I have an email into Michael of MWD to try and get some facts from him. I will report back if and or when I hear from him.

Update: Just got a reply from Michael from MostWantedDomains (seller) and he said he obtained the domain in the drop in 2005, so Luxco did not own the domain before. I have no clue why is showing what they are or why is showing a “whois history” back to 2008 with Luxco data, but I do know that I can not trust those two sources any longer.

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