Company Domain Action From GE, Atari & More

Here is the latest round of DotWeekly Domain Discoveries with domain names being registered or purchased by some large companies. I have been seeing that some days are much more active than others and it normally seems mid-week gets the most action!

Quick Fact: About 100-150 domain names are registered with EAHC of the two largest corporate domain name service CSC Corporate Domains and Mark Monitor. So about 200-300 domains on average are being registered every day for large companies! How many they acquire each day is hard to say, but it’s A LOT more than what I am able to post here. The only reason I am not able to provide more of those, is simply because I lack access to a couple tools I normally use, like but I currently can not afford the month rate.

Anyway, here are some company domain movers I was able to dig up!

CSC Corporate Domains Client

Very likely purchased the domain name from Frank Schilling. The domain name was listed for $32,000 from what I can tell, but an exact sales price was not found.

The only connection to a potential buyer? Shell Midstream Partners, a master limited partnership formed by Royal Dutch Shell has the stock symbol SHLX which has announced the IPO around mid June 2014.

AppNexus Inc

Hand registered the domain name . AppNexus is an online advertising company that was founded in 2007.

Popular Inc. (

Hand registered the domain name . Popular Inc is a financial service provider that runs under the name Popular Community Bank in the US and uses the domain name .

General Electric Company

Hand registered the domain name and the .net . They also hand registered and .net and they also registered but do not own, which is owned by 360Logic since 2012.

Telstra Corporation Ltd

Hand registered the domain name and the .com is owned and listed for sale by for $1,188. Let’s see if the .com sells anytime soon….

Tute Education LTD

Very likely purchased the domain name from for an undisclosed amount. “Tute is social education. Tute believes great teaching should be accessible to all. We make this happen by delivering small group lessons online, meaning that the costs can be shared. This makes Tute affordable for everyone.”

Arena Pharmaceuticals GmbH Belviq (lorcaserin)

Is a FDA approved weight loss medication and they clearly have way to much money and registered hundreds of useless domain names. I’m sure the company they hired to “help them” (Brand Shelter) had a hand in it as well with a suggestion to register these…. Many of the domains make sense, but beyond that… very unlikely anybody would ever visit any of the domains like… , .net or , .net, .org or , .net, .org or , .net or or .net or , .net, .org . BrandShelter was the clear winner in this “brand protection” process!
Timegate Studios, Inc.

Which filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and owing between $10-$50 million… and “closed” still seems to be active in some way because the domain name had some recent activity. Interesting though, an email address of [email protected] is attached to the domain as well and is a more recent change. Digging a little more… holds matching whois data. As does, and . A little further digging and it appear Atari had the Minimum game pulled out of bankruptcy by acquiring it. Here is some more info on that. is the site used for the game.

Timegate is still active in some way, but likely with the bankruptcy court! They own domain names like that was recently updated on July 3, 2014. also updated July 3, 2014. they appear to have let expire and it was grabbed..

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  1. Once again a great sale by Frank Schilling. This shows even with non premium letters one can fetch handsome money. Needs to have patience and doing homework gives better picture as what to ask and not leaving money on table.

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