Domain name investor Aron Meystedt (owner of the oldest domain name has cashed in on his domain name investment and has sold to VE Interactive Ltd which is based in London according to whois records.


Aron acquired around August 2015 as reported by for an undisclosed amount.

This is a BIG domain name upgrade for VE Interactive as they were/are using prior.

Two letter .com domains are some of the rarest types of domain names with only 676 of them and nearly 70% of them are owned and used by large corporations. Owning a 2 letter .com puts you in an elite group, gives you instant credibility and shows you mean business without saying a word!

VE Interactive heavily promotes the two letter acronym on its website, 52 times not even including the logo’s, on its home page alone!

Although it 100% makes sense for them to own this domain name, appear to easily have the funds to do so, it is not easy to sell 2 letter domain names. This was likely a seven figure deal, so to educate a company that branding as VE and owning and using the global recognized matching term as a domain name is important and worth the investment in the asset.

VE Interactive now has an extremely easy to remember domain name to help promote its services,!

Congrats to both Aron and VE Interactive!

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    1. Since Aron only owns two of them and he knows how hard they are to acquire, I don’t see him selling for anything less!

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