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Welcome to Domain Movers, where we monitor domain name transactions by corporations and report the movements we see to you! This is always an exciting series that often provides a “first look” at what companies are doing domain wise. This leads to new brands, future marketing campaigns, products, services and more.

Let’s get to it!

Hilton registered several domain names relating to Tapestry and those included,,, and They do not appear to own

HubSpot Inc. registered and .net

Wieden & Kennedy, Inc. registered the domain name

T. Rowe Price Associates Inc. did acquire the domain name from BuyDomains as I expected.

SalesRacer, Inc. has acquired, a domain name that was held by New Ventures Services Corp (

COLONIAL GROUP INTERNATIONAL LTD. has acquired via Afternic domain name aftermarket services.

Church & Dwight Co., Inc. registered several Ah Slide Litter domain names like,, They also registered many relating with the brand name Arm And Hammer like, and a few more. They also registered the generic call to action domain Did they stop there? Nope, and were also registered, along with (getting a little crazy here) and  (they could have purchased from me, no contact yet),, and went on with,,, and more registrations continued with,,,, and finally finished up with

I won’t hold my hopes up for a deal on

Nasty Gal Inc. moved out of MarkMonitor and over to GoDaddy, still under the Nast Gal Inc. business name. The company just filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and houses the majority of there domains at MarkMonitor. is now showing New Balance Athletics, Inc. in whois records. New Balance acquired Warrior Sports in 2004.

AT&T allowed the domain name to expire as I mentioned in an earlier article. The domain finally dropped and was sold at auction on SnapNames for $10,749. Nice asset management AT&T!

Johnson & Johnson registered the domain name

The Victory Dance Project which was using the domain name, has done a domain name upgrade and acquired from GoDaddy.

The Procter & Gamble Company appears to have acquired the domain name The domain was owned by EmpowerMX prior and is now showing in whois records that CSC Corporate Domains is the owner. P&G uses CSC. Sinex is a brand of Vicks sinus products offered by P&G. has been acquired by a marketing agency from BuyDomains and the website is already live as its main domain name. The domain has been on a journey. First registered in 1998, sold in 2006 on SnapNames for $504, flipped for $3,500, dropped from the registry in 2016, grabbed by BuyDomains on the drop and sold again for an undisclosed amount.

Sentry Systems, Inc. had acquired its EMD, which has been registered since 1996 and was offered on Afternic.

Fairford Capital LTD. has acquired via Afternic. The domain was listed for sale on the Uniregistry Market. I wasn’t able to find a sales price.

The Dow Chemical Company registered the domain name I’m surprised this domain was even available but it appears to have never been registered before. has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain name was backed up by registering the .net and the domain

Electronic Arts Inc. appears to have acquired the domain name The domain was long under whois privacy at 1and1 and has transferred to CSC Corporate Domains and displays EA. The website that does resolve states: “Ronku is an exclusive program powered by EA devoted to connecting top YouTube gamers directly with the people that make the games they love to play.” In 2014 it was “exposed” that EA was paying popular gamers to promote its games.

Disney Enterprises, Inc. registered the domain name

Ecoark Holdings, Inc. is rebranding subsidiary Intelleflex as Zest Labs. They acquired the EMD via domain name aftermarket service Sedo in May 2016 for $5,000.

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4 thoughts on “Domain Movers:, + More

  1. Thanks for your work Jamie. ATT letting ATTT drop is interesting. Large corporations don’t need the money like most of us do I guess.

  2. “Nice asset management AT&T” 😀 – Good name registered.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Jamie,

    You should start doing more posts about the namefind portfolio with links to buy the names through affiliate links.
    Many people are looking for ideas on what to buy that is why they go to BrandBucket and other brandable marketplaces.
    There is lots of very good domains in the namefind portfolio which are better than what BrandBucket has available and priced in the 2k-10k range that is the sweet spot for companies with new products, re-brandings, new companies and startups.

    You are one of the best domain blogs and you should get paid for your expertise.

    And thanks for your previous work, it has been useful at least to me and I’m sure many other domainers concentrated on domaining or/and consulting companies to acquire domains and not concentrated on blogging and fame like many “famous” domainers in the public eye to whom domaining is just a hobby and who earn most of their money through sponsorships of their blogs by sucking up to sponsors and compromising their ethics by hawking useless education courses or hyping non-existant chinese interest in .nobodycares extensions.

    1. @Jan,
      Thanks for the suggestions, I will put up a few more domain highlights from the NF portfolio and see how they do. Thanks for the kind words.

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