Domain Movers:, + More

Welcome to a Saturday edition of Domain Movers, where DotWeekly keeps track of domain name transactions focused on the corporate world. The following is a very small sample of domain name transactions over the past 24 hours that we detected.

BuzzFeed, Inc. has acquired the domain name, which was owned by a Ben Kaufman prior. The current website offers Emoji Pool Floats and one other product, Jankee Candle sent Frat House Floor. A giant poop emoji pool float will set you back $49.95. The domain sold on Sedo January 2016 for $5,000.

Keen, Inc which is a footwear provider appears to have acquired the domain name around September 2016. The domain name is redirecting to has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The transaction appears to have taken place via Sedo.

Pacific Magazines Pty Ltd. has acquired The domain name had a $21,000 purchase price and was owned by Name Administration Inc. prior.

Monster Beverage Corporation, owners of for the Burn Energy Drink, had a website on the domain, then for a period had a broken website that didn’t really function for several months… is back in action on a new hosting provider.

Kraft Foods Group, Inc. has sold the domain name to ROKA Sports, Inc. according to whois records. This is a domain name upgrade to an EMD for Roka, as they were redirecting to with a focus on the “Roka” brand name. is now redirecting to but will very likely switch to the .com in the very near future.

Roka Sports was founded in 2011 and launched in 2013 by two former Stanford All-American swimmers.

Roka offers performance eyewear, apparel and equipment with some of the gear worn in the 2016 Olympics. How much did the domain sell for? Good question, but likely six figures with the situation. Kraft is public, so it could come out in a SEC filing at some point, but for the brand Roka to compete with Nike, Adidas, UA etc. it needed a short EMD .com to go along with its brand name to be taken serious! Roka and go together like sunglasses and sun! Like a swimsuit and water! Like money and a wallet!

Kraft offered a product called Roka Blue, which was a cheese spread that they discontinued and the reason they owned the domain name.  Kraft was redirecting the domain to but it was a stand alone site at one time.

Viacom International Inc. has acquired the domain name and is redirecting the domain to The domain name was owned by HugeDomains and had a listing price of $2,195. has been acquired by a currently unknown SafeNames client. has been acquired by TBWA Paris. The domain name held a $12,000 offering price. has been acquired by Ports Partner AB for an undisclosed amount. The domain name was owned by a CSC Corporate Domains client. has been sold into the Chinese market. The domain name was being offered by MarkMonitor for one of its clients. has been sold by BuyDomains to a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. A potential buyer would be T. Rowe Price, who offers a financial application called Market Scene. I was not able to find a price on this one. has very likely been sold. The domain moved into privacy at GoDaddy and remains. I noticed a large amount of other domain name registrations in other extensions like .cc, .cz, .de, .fr, .no, .pl, .tv all at MarkMonitor, so it’s likely a corporation. If I had to put an educated guess on who the buyers /registrant, it would be Enterprise Protection Inc. Many “The Science Of Where” domains were also registered, all under generic whois data, except which is displaying Enterprise Protection Inc.

Cardinal Health has taken ownership of from Johnson & Johnson. This isn’t likely a “domain deal” but connected with another asset movement from another business deal. To note, just sold via Sedo recently for $30,000 but it is under privacy at Uniregistry, so it’s hard to tell if it moved to the buyer yet or was purchased by a domain investor from Sleek Software.

TD Ameritrade IP Company, Inc. registered two domain names, and Td Ameritrade does own, which they acquired when buying ThinkOrSwim Inc. for $606 million in 2009. They do not own, but it is parked and potentially for sale.

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