Domain Movers:, + More

Here are the latest domain movers detected by DotWeekly over the weekend. Activity is always lower coming off a weekend but a potentially top sale of the year has took place! has been acquired for a new, $1 billion project for a Middle Eastern e-commerce platform by businessman Mohamed Alabbar according to this article.

The domain name was owned by, L.P. until about mid-June 2016 when Marksmen appears in whois records on June 24, 2016 and by June 25, 2016 the domain name goes into whois privacy. The domain resolves now to a coming soon page.

How much did the domain name sell for? Great domain names, that lead to powerful brands are not cheap! This domain sale has the makings to be a seven figure deal based on the seller and the buyers!

GoDaddy has sold, which once held a minimum offer amount of $100,000. They also sold, and

IAC/HomeAdvisor appears to be getting ready to do something with, a domain name they obtained when purchasing Felix in 2012. The domain name servers have switched to HomeAdvisor

BuzzFeed, Inc. has acquired from a Ben Kaufman according to whois records. This appears to be related to which was also owned by Ben, that I mentioned earlier. The domain was registered in 2015. The proper spelling, is owned by California State University, Fresno Association. BuzzFeed also acquired, which was a premium reserved domain by the .co registry. To note, is for sale for $300,000 currently. appears to have been sold? The domain name was for sale recently and is now resolving to a 5Pop page on Amazon hosting. The domain was purchased for $3.4M from Hasbro in early 2015, with George Kirikos digging up the sales price. Jag Singh reported to me on Twitter that he had seen that sold for CNY 100,000,000 in stock. That converts to about $14.6M US.

To note, whois data has not changed but domain name servers have for I do see the domain still listed on 4CN. Name servers switched on Double 11 day. Here is an article in Chinese about

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