Domain Movers:, + More

Here are the latest corporate focused domain name transactions that DotWeekly has detected over the past 24 hours.

DSW Inc. has acquired from GoDaddy for an undisclosed amount. has done a domain name upgrade and has acquired its EMD, from GoDaddy. They offer IT management.

GoDaddy stayed busy, selling several more valuable domain names like,,,,,,, plus a few more. has likely been sold. The domain was mainly under whois privacy and has started bouncing around starting about October 28, 2016 when the domain came out of privacy at Tucows and showed Transparency Digital Media Inc. The domain name then transferred registrars to NOM IQ LTD (Com Laude) under Doman Licenses Limited. No website resolves currently, but domain name servers have been set and will likely launch something soon.

Go People Pty Ltd has acquired its EMD and acquired via Afternic. They are a courier service using

BASF SE has acquired the domain name, which was first registered in January 2016 by somebody in China. Interestingly, BASF filed a trademark on the term on March 10, 2016. I say “interestingly” because this is not the first time I have seen a Chinese registrant register a domain name, then within a month or so, a TM is filed on the term. Almost like there is some kind of leaked info. appears to have been sold by United Online Web Services, Inc. and has moved into the Chinese market.

AstraZeneca AB registered the domain name, and

The Weather Channel, LLC has acquired the domain name and used legal firm Winston & Strawn LLP to help obtain it based on whois records.

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    1. I see a Priority Claimed Date of 2016-1-25 but a filing date of 2016-03-10. So it must have been filed, then replaced with a new application? Since the domain was registered on the 26th, the person must have seen the filing and registered the domain. I didn’t see a UDRP filing, so they must have paid the asking price. Could have been a C&D as well though.

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