ISIS Wallet Rebrand Softcard And Now Zoma?

ISIS Wallet is in the process of rebranding from ISIS and on August 3, 2014 I wrote about the likely hood they were going with the name Softcard due to a large amount of domain name registered that relate heavily with domain names they already own.

Well, I’m not sure if they may have had a change in plans due to my article coming out or maybe they want options or maybe they wish to register hundreds of domains in the rebranding process… but they are at it again and this time with another “new name”.

This time, Zoma is the focused keyword. Again, similar domains to what ISIS Wallet has registered before and again very similar to the Softcard domains registered before.

DNStination Inc. / MarkMonitor is involved again with all these domain name registrations as they were with the Softcard domain name registration. As with Softcard, they appear to not have secured the matching .com domain, at least as of yet.

The Zoma domain names were registered at 12 noon EST on Monday 8/4/2014.

I do not see Zoma passing any radio tests (sounds like) anytime soon… ZooMa, Zuma etc. so lets hope this isn’t the “name” ISIS decides to rebrand with.

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3 thoughts on “ISIS Wallet Rebrand Softcard And Now Zoma?

  1. Hi there !!!
    Finally ISIS rebrands as “SoftCard” or as “Zoma” ???
    I would like to register some related domains too !!!

  2. The single “o” would rhyme with “Zone”; I don’t see the “oo” or “u” pronunciation at all. It might be confused with “Soma,” a seller of bras (Soma is also the “state drug” in the dystopian novel BRAVE NEW WORLD, by Aldous Huxley). Still, I think it’s a great name for a company.

    However, this company does not seem to own zoma dot com, unless they are in the process of acquiring it — perhaps something to keep your eye on!

    They could acquire — for the right price!


    I love your inside scoops on domain acquisitions.

    1. That just shows you that everybody looks at the “sounds like” differently. I see what you are saying, just when I quickly looked at it, it was what I was thinking. It can be pronounced a lot of different ways, similar to Sedo. I have heard people “say it” so many different way. Sea Doo, See Do, See Dew, Say Doh etc. If they want to stick with a 4L there are better ones on the market I think than Zoma.

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