Company Domain Movers From FX, NFL, Sears & More

DotWeekly Discoveries an the company domain movers series is hotter than ever, breaking stories and ruffling some feathers in the process of me exposing all the details. Well, here is another round of domain name purchases, registrations and simply moving domain names by some of the largest companies on the web. These articles take me HOURS to assemble and years of knowledge applied to obtain the data and simply hard work!

Here we go!

Unknown (update: likely NewsCorp as they registered the .us) has very likely been sold by Marchex on or about 7/31/2014. The domain has moved to privacy protect. The listing page via HTTP://WWW.ARCHEODOMAINS.COM/BIGDECISIONS.COM has
been removed. The domain was listed to Afternic on 7/24/2014 with a $40,000 buy it now by Archeo, but it doesn’t appear the domain was purchased at Afternic as that listing remains live. was registered on 8/4/2014 via DNStination Inc. (MarkMonitor), so this gives me a connection that the buyer is likely a large company and MM was likely behind the
assisted purchase of the .com from Marchex for a currently undisclosed amount but likely at or around $40,000.


Either purchased or used legal to obtain from The law firm Bird and Bird is used via whois, so this could go either way. I would bet the domain was
purchased. If that domain was obtained via legal means, it’s a sad day!

SPV appears to be a newer company based in the UK but I didn’t dig on them very much.


Has purchased the domain name from BuyDomains on or about 8/3/2014. The connection is a tagline being used by the NFL for Together We Make Football. The NFL also owns the domain
name which is set to be used as a campaign to intake stories related to “how football plays a role in your life”.

The NFL is using the hashtag #TWMF . They have also secured TWMF via both Twitter and Facebook. was registered on 8/6/2013. The National Football League owns a little over 10,000 domain names.

Trelleborg Vibracoustic GmbH

Registered the domain name and also registered . The company is based in Germany and makes anti-vibration parts for the auto industry.

LF, LLC (Lowes)

Has acquired the domain name, likely at Sedo. Lowe’s owns a site call, with the acronym meaning All That’s Good. has products that Lowe’s
offers, basically a Kmart look to it… or Sears. I wasn’t able to find a sale price yet, but it may be reported in the near future.

Lowe’s does not own the domain at this time.

CSC Corporate Domains (Client)

CSC has acquired the domain name, likely on behalf of a client. I was not able to find a listing price for the domain, but it was listed as “this domain may be for sale” and
was owned by “”.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Has acquired the domain name . The domain was listed via Afternic for $18,500 but I haven’t been able to confirm if that was the sales price. I have reached out
to the seller and will report back. The domain was listed via Sedo, and that was the likely place it sold.

The term seems to relate to the Quantum of the Seas ship.

Anheuser-Busch, LLC

Has acquired the domain name for an undisclosed sum and appears to relating to a branding effort.

Sears Brands LLC

Is likely getting ready to use the domain name for a likely advertising campaign. They registered the domain in August 2011. The likely campaign is going to be with
Kmart as the domain redirects to Kmart current but the page is basically empty. The URL string includes “50ft Party”.

Sears also owns the domain which was registered the same time as . They did run a campaign in 2011 for Halloween, so this again may be another Halloween

Sears has also set domain name servers on which now forwards to .

Johnson & Johnson

Is very likely in the process of leaving Key-Systems / Brand Shelter in the dust and move domains (maybe all) over to CSC Corporate Domains. I had noticed they switched to CSC
domain name servers last week. They have now registered the domain name WITH CSC. This is a pretty big deal, considering J&J has over 25,000 domain names.

Which sold for $63,000 on Sedo on 5/1/2011, has likely sold again. The domain changed registrars to eNom on 8/3/2014 and a 7/29/2014 whois record shows the transfer starting and Sedo
transfer. Severs were recently set on the domain as well, so this may lead us to who the new buyer is. I wasn’t able to find a recent sales price. The domain was parked with ( and switched to SedoParking on June 14, 2014.

A somewhat “odd” screenshot on 7/31/2014 shows a blog like site with the title Practical And Trendy, so I’m not sure if that has any connection to who the new buyer may be.

Was likely acquired for a CSC Corporate Domains client. Hard to tell via whois because of whois privacy, but CSC may have registered the domain back in 2013 and simply transferred the
domain name now to CSC. They may have also purchased the domain from somebody.

FX Networks, LLC

Has revealed they were behind the domain name which was purchased for $60,000 in early 2013. also sold at that time for $19,000. / / were involved with the deals.

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