GoDaddy Acquired Another Domain Portfolio In Late 2015

Several are chasing GoDaddy’s earnings report from yesterday trying to discover the domain portfolio purchase price of Worldwide Media Inc. and several sources are putting that number at $35.5 Million and the “only” acquisition for GoDaddy in Q4 2015.

Well, the later is not true based on information I discovered this morning.


DomainSource domain portfolio, potentially just part of it, (which was the case with WWM’s) was very likely acquired by GoDaddy in fourth quarter of 2015!

GoDaddy considered Worldwide Media Inc as a business acquisition, so the below tweet from George Kirikos is accurate. The DomainSource purchase was likely “assets” aka, just domain names.

In reality, the only thing that Worldwide Media Inc. sold to GoDaddy were domain names, about 70,000! The same can be said of DomainSource.. they simply sold domain names. So how ever one “technically” wants to put it.

The Discovery

I noticed that Discovery Communications had acquired the domain name AuctionInsider(.)com which was listed under “NameFind LLC” as the seller. NameFind, LLC is where the Marchex and Worldwide Media portfolios are housed. I checked whois history further to see if it was a Berkens domain or Marchex that it sold out of and DomainSource was the past owner.

This was something out of the norm and triggered a light.

I checked another domain known to be owned by “DomainSource”, CarSick(.)com, now owned by NameFind LLC!

Skeptics(.)com once owned by DomainSource, now NameFind LLC

Duster(.)com once owned by DomainSource, now NameFind LLC

ACBF(.)com once owned by DomainSource, now NameFind LLC

I think this is very strong proof that GD acquired’s domain portfolio or at least some of it! It appears whois changes happened about October-December (most about October 27, 2015) which is actually before Berkens portfolio (December).

So even though Investors Relations for GoDaddy confirmed that Worldwide Media was the only acquisition in Q4 2015

godaddy tweet

maybe they forgot about DomainSource? Maybe they didn’t think anybody would notice? Maybe it was only “some” domains and not an entire portfolio purchase and GD didn’t consider it an acquisition of a business and only assets?

Andrew Sievright is the founder of DomainSource.

I was able to find at least these following 500 domain names change from DomainSource to NameFind LLC which took place on one day in late October.

Another 645 moved in early December from DomainSource to NameFind LLC, just prior to the announcement of the Berkens portfolio:

So this is very clear proof that GoDaddy also acquired another domain name portfolio prior to Berkens and this one was at least part of Domain Source Inc’s portfolio, similar to Berkens deal. I was able to confirm nearly 1,400 transfers to GoDaddy/NameFind from DomainSource. A quick look at DomainSource put around 3,000 domains in its portfolio that was public, and nearly half of that is now owned by GoDaddy’s NameFind LLC. The above is proof of over 1,000 domain names. There are potentially more than the 1,400 I mentioned that have been sold already, are under privacy protection or whois records have yet to update.

I did reach out to Andrew of Domain Source Inc. for comment but have not heard back at time of posting.

The bottom line, this is an undiscovered acquisition of another domain name portfolio purchase by GoDaddy that came to light by some digging that hadn’t be announced prior.

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16 thoughts on “GoDaddy Acquired Another Domain Portfolio In Late 2015

    1. Amanda,
      Likely not more than we know about currently. 263,282 currently. That is the about 200K from Marchex, 70K from Worldwide Media Inc and about 1,500 from DomainSource minus what they have sold already, let expire etc. I do have a small hunch they have some more, but are under privacy. How many that may be, is unknown.

  1. Godaddy is smart in acquiring after market premium names.

    They know the domain industry is becoming more mainstream and selling premium names will profit them nicely in time.

    $10 registrations can only go so far when your looking to increase your yearly profitability.

  2. Based on a comment on DomainInvesing, it appears NameFind is a showcase for other people’s domains, not just Godaddy-owned.

    1. I do not agree with that comment Louise and nor should you. Do we even know if that person was searching on NameFind? I don’t see either domain listed on NameFind, nor were ever owned by GoDaddy/NameFind or any portfolio owner GoDaddy acquired. I know HugeDomains portfolio is listed in the stream of GD and its partners but not showcased on NameFind. GoDaddy has enough of its own domains to sell on NameFind, so I don’t see them putting other domains on that site. Could some domains be listed by error? Yes. Could some be sold and still listed? Yes. Can somebody set name servers to NameFind, yes.

      1. You’re right! I was wrong. I didn’t bother to try to find those domain names on Namefind, just assumed Anthony saw those domains on Namefind.

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