Burger King GrilledDogs.com On A Bun For $1.99, Woof

BK, aka “Burger” King has announced they will be offering Grilled Dogs, a first in its 62 year history! It’s not often a huge “burger” chain is reaching at people’s hearts and offers a beloved item that so many love, GrilledDogs.com!

Burger King announced on February 10, 2015 about the new menu item. That same day, the Burger King Corporation also hand registered the matching domain name GrilledDogs.com to go along with its offering.

GrilledDogs.com Burger King

Clearly, just seeing the domain name by itself… may make one think of a the fury pets many own and not a “Hot Dog”.

Catchy, attention grabbing, make you think… yes! GrilledDogs.com is currently on the back burner as the domain name only resolves to a blank white page. The wieners are set to be offered at participating stores on February 23, 2016.

P.S. DO NOT do a Google image search for the Grilled Dogs term if you are not interested in seeing, well, you know! What the term refers to.

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4 thoughts on “Burger King GrilledDogs.com On A Bun For $1.99, Woof

  1. Burger King had better flood the web fast with pictures of what they want consumers to see. If not, they may find themselves entangled in a negative story they didn’t envision.

  2. The burger will be available for a limited time nationwide, selling for the suggested price of $4.99. Just when you thought they could not make this food more disgusting they actually did. Who the heII still eats this????

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