Domain Movers:, + More

Welcome to the latest round of Domain Movers, where DotWeekly keeps track of domain names that corporations are buying and selling. Normally, most of these domain movements go unreported.

EasyGroup Ltd has acquired the domain name out of the GoDaddy/NameFind portfolio for an undisclosed amount. and appear to have been sold by, Ltd. to in a continued trend. and as well. has been acquired by Varian Medical Systems with the help of domain buying service Marksmen. which I mentioned was sold prior but the buyer was unknown at that time, was purchased by The Noe Company LLC. This was likely a six figure sale.

Goode Inc. has acquired for an undisclosed amount, with the help of Marksmen.

Genesis Motors America has acquired, also with the help of Marksmen.

PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc. has registered the domain name adding to the 125 other domain names they already own.

Creston plc has acquired the domain name from Creston had announced in November 2014 the new “Creston Unlimited Group” marketing communications group. Although the “official” name is The Creston Unlimited Group, Creston refers to it as the “Unlimited Group”.

Allergan has acquired the domain name out of the GoDaddy/NameFind domain name portfolio and a new website has been launched on the domain name about an overactive bladder problem. Whois information is generic at MarkMonitor but the website shows NAFC and Allergan, Plc in relation to the site. The domain went into privacy in May 2016 at GoDaddy and has since transferred to MarkMonitor.

Optronic Technologies, Inc. has acquired 4 generic product domain names from Hayneedle, which include:,, and DotWeekly covered the story when acquired Hayneedle back in February 2016 and noted that Hayneedle was a large portfolio owner of generic product domain names. It will be interesting if sells more.

Orion Telescopes & Binoculars (Optronic) is currently using as its main domain name, so the 4 they purchase make a lot of sense to the products they offer.

Facebook Inc. registered the domain names and

Amazon has likely acquired as the domain transferred to MarkMonitor under the generic DNStination Inc. Amazon is offering private label goods under the Mama Bear brand name. They clearly would like to own and I have spoke to the owner awhile back, so it will likely sell, but they are likely stuck on how much $.

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