Available Brand Name: Cat Club via CatClub.com $3,599

DotWeekly highlights domain names which are available for purchase that are a great start to the branding process of a business and what I think are great values based on the purchase price of the domain.

Subscription based businesses have been booming (Dollar Shave Club was recently acquired by Unilever for $1 Billion) and the pet industry is huge, so combining the two, welcome to Cat Club!

Available For Purchase: CatClub.com

Buy Now Purchase Price: $3,599

Cat Club

Overall: As mentioned, subscription based services are big and Cat Club presents a great brand name for a subscription base service relating to the feline friends of many. Cat nip, cat toys, cat treats, grooming products and much more are purchased by consumers for cats around the world and to make it a little more fun, how about a monthly delivery to the consumers door of great products!

As a brand name, it’s catchy, short, clear, blends well, easy to type, a .com and to the point. At only $3,599 for the domain name, it’s a no-brainer IMO!

Active term! Actually, 30 actively registered domain names “start with” CatClub already and 285 “end with” CatClub. This makes the domain name all that more attractive even on an investment standpoint, as CatClub.com can be considered the premium domain for many of those other domain names being used by others.

I like it as a brand name, I like it as an investment. Purchase CatClub.com today for only US$3,599

Disclaimer: DotWeekly does not own this domain name. Affiliate links are used in this article and do not increase your purchase price. We simply highlight domains, give our thoughts and we hope if we brought it to your attention, you use the link to purchase in a way of saying Thank You to us!

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