Domain Movers:,, + More

In today’s Domain Movers series we have an active Friday with several 3 letter .com domains that were sold and also several keyword domains that were purchased by companies. Here is a snapshot at some domain name activity over the past 24 hours: appears to have been acquired by a currently unknown corporate domain name client of brand protection service MarkMonitor. The domain name is currently unlocked and name servers have switched to MarkMonitor.

In June/2016 the domain was owned by Shmuel Einstein & Associates, Inc. By August 2016, whois records show a Tim Wicinski.

Albert Einstein’s official licensing site uses and is owned by Branded Entertainment Network, Inc. who would be potential buyers as they are also clients of MarkMonitor.

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited registers two new domain names and those are and has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client from LeftfieldDomains. The .net was registered on 8/10/2016 via CSC as was the .info, .biz and .us . The .us registration displays that domain name is owned by International Business Machines Corporation, so IBM is the likely buyer of the .com domain and the other TLD’s. The domain was/is listed on Sedo for $2,471 and may have been the potential purchase price.

Viacom International Inc. has acquired the domain name from HugeDomains which had an offering price of $2,595. This is likely for Ari Shaffir’s comedy TV show and podcast.

Facebook, Inc. has acquired the domain name The domain name was acquired about August 8, 2016 from Jung TaeYoung of Korea with the domain being parked at domain aftermarket service Sedo at the time. I was not able to find a sales price currently. was sold by GoDaddy/NameFind to a Tang Min of China.

Harte-Hanks Inc. has sold the domain name to Netlas (appears to be a domain investor). The domain name was for sale for awhile with a mid five figures asking price. and both appear to have been sold to by, Ltd.

Madre Labs, Inc. has acquired the domain name for an undisclosed amount.

comScore, Inc. has acquired the domain name which was a warehoused domain via New Ventures Services, which is a company even though they do not admit it. I’m not a fan of and the games they play via NSI!!!

Marksmen assisted two currently unknown clients acquire domains. was one of them, acquired from CoDom Holdings, LLC which is owned by Mike Mann. He was unable to share the sales price when I reached out to him this morning. To note, the domain did have a listing price of $149,888 in June 2016. That was up from the listing price in 2010, which was $80,000. The second domain was which was owned by BuyDomains and sold for $3,388.

NameCorp, LLC which is owned by Alan Dunn has acquired the domain name for a likely client, from GoDaddy/NameFind. The domain had a $60,000 buy price.

Ultimate Finance Group Plc of the UK has acquired the make sense domain name from GoDaddy/NameFind. which I mentioned was sold yesterday, was acquired by Nourished Table & Home ( Great domain and brand name!

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