Chicken Of The Sea is offering a new EZ-Open can and is running a promotional game called Pull It Off to help in its efforts to market the new packaging.

Based on the companies press release, “Seafood lovers can find rewards when they “Pull It Off”” and the game is available on Facebook, while providing a link to the companies Chicken Of The Sea’s Facebook page.

Chicken Of The Sea EZ-Open can

Taking a closer look

The term Pull It Off is used 6 times … Read the rest

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You do not always need to be fancy with a brand name. Using a common, already known term and adding “.com” makes a lot of sense and today I present you with a great starting point to a snack food brand offering!

Snack Food

Available Domain Name:

Purchase Price: $12,000

Overview: There are thousands of different types of snack food and a lot is consumed daily by all age groups. Healthy snack food is the best choice but we … Read the rest

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My neck is sore from shaking my head so much. Why? Branding a new company, product or service using the same name as an iconic brand name that has been around since 1946 baffles my mind.

Tide Logo

Procter & Gamble created the Tide laundry detergent brand and its traction in the world and on the web is HUGE. Basically the entire first page on Google is related to the laundry product, with some results relating to the rise and lowering of … Read the rest

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BK, aka “Burger” King has announced they will be offering Grilled Dogs, a first in its 62 year history! It’s not often a huge “burger” chain is reaching at people’s hearts and offers a beloved item that so many love,!

Burger King announced on February 10, 2015 about the new menu item. That same day, the Burger King Corporation also hand registered the matching domain name to go along with its offering. Burger King

Clearly, just seeing the domain name … Read the rest

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