Prudential Financial Inc. acquires premium generic domain name from Telepathy Inc.

DotWeekly broke the news that had sold back in January 2016 but the corporate buyer was unknown until now.

Prudential Financial

Whois information is still generic at corporate domain name provider MarkMonitor but name servers have updated to Prudential. Whois Records

The website does not resolve currently but I would expect that to change shortly with the name servers changing.

So why would Prudential want to own this generic domain name? … Read the rest

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Carnival Corporation has acquired the premium generic domain name The domain name was first reported sold by Elliott over at on September 9, 2016. I followed up not long ago, mentioning it appears the buyers were getting ready to launch a website and that has now taken place.

Richard Lau was the seller of the domain name, which he acquired for $100,000 in 2011. The purchase price was undisclosed, but I highly expect this domain name to … Read the rest

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I would like to try a little something and highlight some good domain names that are priced and for sale for immediate purchase. My work here will be rewarded by you working directly with me (email me) and or using the link to purchase below. I will be highlighting one domain a day and the reason why I like it.

Dance Teacher

Domain Name:

Domain Purchase Price: US$5,999

Overview: Every town has a dance teacher and the … Read the rest

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My neck is sore from shaking my head so much. Why? Branding a new company, product or service using the same name as an iconic brand name that has been around since 1946 baffles my mind.

Tide Logo

Procter & Gamble created the Tide laundry detergent brand and its traction in the world and on the web is HUGE. Basically the entire first page on Google is related to the laundry product, with some results relating to the rise and lowering of … Read the rest

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