GoEnjoy.com Acquires Enjoy.com In 7 Figure Domain Buy

A newer startup founded in 2014 simply called Enjoy, founded by former Apple Inc. retail head Ron Johnson launched with the so/so domain name GoEnjoy.com, has acquired the premium, exact match domain name Enjoy.com!


I was talking with the past owner of Enjoy.com, Steven Katz since around May 2015 and today doing a little follow-up I had noticed that GoEnjoy.com now redirects to Enjoy.com. Doing a whois history check and it appears the transaction took place around September 11, 2015 when the domain name went under privacy protection.

Enjoy is a pretty cool service, which will sell you a tech type product like an iPad, deliver it to your house, set it up and show you how it works. Technology can be confusing and frustrating and they look to take the hassle out of setting up a wifi network or learning how to use that fancy new drone, so you can just enjoy it!

This domain name upgrade was a needed one for Enjoy! They are an online business. Everything around the brand was Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy… yet the main domain name was not Enjoy.com, it was GoEnjoy.com! Branding is important and when you are Enjoy, it is not only more professional to own the exact match domain and less confusing for customers, it just makes sense!!!

Does Enjoy.com warrant a 7 figure sales price? Yep! Branding is important and simply being Enjoy.com is worth every penny of it IMO and Enjoy Technology Inc. felt the money was worth it as well!

How do I know this was a 7 figure transaction? Because Steven’s offering price was 7 figures and he wasn’t going to sell for any less. He already was using the domain and was happy with where things were, so there was no pressure for him to sell unless the price was at his asking price!

Great domain name, cool service and another 7 figure domain name sale! Check it out: Enjoy.com

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9 thoughts on “GoEnjoy.com Acquires Enjoy.com In 7 Figure Domain Buy

  1. Great to see sales like this. It’s a fantastic domain name and goes to show you businesses that have big plans usually want the best domain name for their company/ideas.

    Thanks for the article.


      1. Well this domain is very similar to Elliot S.’s “embrace,” so I imagine he’s feeling pretty good right about now.

        Would definitely be interested in finding out if it was closer to $1m or solidly $1m-plus if that info might be forthcoming as public.

      2. Something just doesn’t sound right about this.

        Very, very very few domain names that are absent development efforts go for this kind of money.

        I’d like to see a muckraker dig into this one.

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