I have been frustrated lately as I have been working (trying at least) to work on a broken computer for a pretty long time. My computer monitor is going to poo and flashes… plus in general my computer is slowly dieing for an unknown reason and is really slow (dragging) etc. Plus I have been trying a ton of things to bring in some income and nothing has worked. I will continue trying my best but it’s getting harder and … Read the rest

Today we have a heavy hitters list of corporate domain name movers, registration and more by companies many of you are aware of! Some big, expensive domain names are in today’s list and most of these sales would go unreported otherwise… so here we go!

EmpiresAndAllies.com has been acquired for a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain was acquired from HugeDomains.com (likely for $1,995) by a Julie Wiseman of IP Acquisition Company, LLC “jwiseman@ipacquisition.com” with the domain being transferred to … Read the rest

A little bit of a special addition of domain movers on this Sunday evening. Weekends are a bit slower for domain movers by large companies. All my data is obtained “the day after” it actually happens due to the vast amount of data that needs to be obtained, so I am seeing “Saturday” movements today for an example. Monday’s are really slow, as not much happens on Sunday’s for large companies. Since there is a lack of movement, I can … Read the rest

Here is the latest round of digging from DotWeekly on domain name movers that are connected with large companies. Amazon is once again a big player in today’s list, as it often is, but really has been the past several days. Zynga is also a big player in today’s once again HUGE list of domain movers!

EchoMonitor.com has been acquired, likely by Amazon as they have been buying up all kinds of “Echo” domains. The domain was owned by BuyDomains.com … Read the rest

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