GoMarch is a series I am doing in which I am highlighting generic domains that GoDaddy.com has recently acquired from the Marchex domain name portfolio and they are now Buy Now pricing the domains to make it easier to purchase.

GoDaddy acquired around 204K domain names for $28 Million, so I dig through the masses to find the good domains. Are the prices high, low? That is for you to decide. You can see all the similar articles to this … Read the rest

The numeric domain name market is running wild thanks to the very active Chinese market! Five and six number .com domain names are seeing prices climbing at a rapid rate. Four number .com domain names are easily starting to reach five figures (yes some are still selling at four figures depending on number quality) but four number domain prices are rapidly rising. 3 number .com domains are rising and are selling in the six figure range on average!

Here are … Read the rest

Welcome to GoMarch, an exclusive series on DotWeekly where I research generic domains recently acquired by GoDaddy.com which acquired over 200,000 domain names from Marchex for $28 Million dollars.

These domains were pretty hard to acquire in the past but that has changed now that GoDaddy owns them and they have started to Buy Now price the domains for easy purchase. Digging through over 200,000 domains to find the good ones isn’t easy so I’m digging the domains to find … Read the rest

Welcome to GoMarch where I am running an exclusive series where I highlight 5 domain names a day from the recently GoDaddy.com acquired domain name portfolio from Marchex / Archeo. These domains were very hard to acquire prior and GoDaddy is changing that!

The following domain names are Buy Now priced and directly linked to the domains offering page. Your clicks are appreciated and allow me to continue this series.

If you have missed any of this series, your not … Read the rest

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