I have always been a big fan of GoDaddy Auctions, because it never gets the attention of the expired auction services like NameJet and SnapNames.  This is often due to “quality” but everybody has a budget for investing or buying domains and GoDaddy Auctions seems to fit my budget better. GoDaddy Auctions has become more competitive than it was before though.

No site or service is perfect but here are some things that I would add or remove to GoDaddy Auctions if I could.… Read the rest

Here we go with the latest digging for company domain movers from some of the largest companies and related domain names they recently registered, purchased or are simply moving around for some reason. DotWeekly continues to break a lot of news within these articles, so if you like fresh, interesting data, welcome!


Slate has registered the domain names WashingtonFootballTeamFacts.com .net .org and has already launched a website on the .com . This is interesting, because I wrote this article
which Slate later used for this story  and then registered the domains.… Read the rest

Reverse whois is one of the most powerful domain tools and one that I often use for my DotWeekly Discoveries, so I thought I would share a little bit about it and the sources that I use. Caring is sharing so here you go!

Reverse whois works by “connecting” registrant email address to domains and then grouping them to perform a “list of domains” related to that email address.

What you need? A known email address used by a specific domain owner.… Read the rest

Welcome to the latest round of company domain movers from large companies in the series that I call DotWeekly Discoveries. Huge list today with a lot of different domains, so I hope you enjoy and lets get to the action.

Research In Motion Limited

Registered the domain names BlackberryGuardian.com .net . RIM owns almost 10,000 domain names.

At the BlackBerry Security Summit, BlackBerry announced BlackBerry Guardian. This new Guardian will “automatically check all Android apps that customers install on their BlackBerry
smartphones.” This new service will includes apps from the Amazon Appstore and apps installed from other sources such as direct installs through the browser or downloads.… Read the rest

This morning I discovered some interesting domain name registrations that are pointing in the direction that the once very popular website ChatRoulette.com may have been sold?

First, this morning I discovered several new domain registrations and it’s “where” these registrations took place that makes me think there is something up and it may include a sale.

These following domain names were registered yesterday (7/29/2014) at CSC Corporate Domains (CSCGlobal.com)

  1. ChatRouletteSucks.com
  2. ChatRouletts.com
  3. iLoveChatRoulette.com
  4.  ChatRouletteCom.com

One connection with those 4 specific domains, is they were all previously registered, but why is CSC Corporate Domains registering them?… Read the rest

In my morning discoveries for DotWeekly Discoveries, I ran into the domain name Engineering360.com that was likely purchased by CSC Corporate Domains, on behalf of a client. I often reach out to the sellers but sadly do not hear back that often or they simply do not wish to share the story on the purchase, sale etc.

Well, Clark from DomainProducts.com (shop360.com) was nice enough to answer my email back and here is the information he provided to help you learn and have knowledge of the steps taken by this seller.… Read the rest