I have been extremely tight on money and I have been dropping domain names like flies… but I needed to come up with away to save at least some domains and be able to renew some on the cheap! So what did I do?

It cost about $9 per domain to renew at GoDaddy

It cost about $9.40 to renew a .com domain at Moniker

Well, I have a bunch of domain names with Moniker and to renew 45 of them @ $9.40 each would cost me $423! I don’t have that much $ but if there is a will there is a way to keep them and spend about 1/4 of the normal cost!

How did I do it?

Hello coupon codes! GoDaddy to the rescue! A little help from the domain community, via NamePros.com and the ever popular GoDaddy Discount Codes page!

GoDaddy gives out a lot of coupon codes and they seem to last from a couple days to several months. So I just started digging the forum coupon page and started grabbing $1.99 codes until I couldn’t find any more that worked! I switched to $2.49, $2.59 and $2.99 codes!

It took me yesterday and today to complete the process and several hours… but I was able to dig up 45 working GoDaddy coupon codes in the range from $1.99-$2.99 that worked for domain transfer!

I transferred 45 domain names from Moniker to GoDaddy using the coupon codes, never exceeding $3.13 (with ICANN fees). The average ended up being $2.64 per domain to “renew” the 45 domains for 1 year! I renewed the domains by simply transferring them from the Moniker registrar to GoDaddy’s registrar! One at a time… as the coupon codes only work for one domain! Work and time, yesssss, money saving? YES!

How much did I save?

$304! Instead of just keep paying the $9.40 to renew my domain at Moniker,  GoDaddy transfer was the answer for me to save the $304 and accomplish “renewing” 45 domains for a grand total of $119!

Did it take me some time to dig up the codes, follow the checkout process for 45 domains? Heck yeah, but in the end, I accomplished renewing the domains I needed to and saved $304 in the process! Yes it is “easier” to just keep clicking the “Renew Now” button but taking a little time and thinking saved me $$$ and allowed me to keep 45 domains longer than I would have!

Yes this was a 365 day fix and I wouldn’t be able to do it for these 45 domains “next year” but it buys me time to sell some and use a later coupon code to help save $ with next years renewals!

I hope this helps you in some way and makes you think about simply clicking the Renew Now button and paying about $10 to renew your domains at other domain registrars other than GoDaddy! If they are going to take a loss to earn your business, why not take advantage of it! They are a good registrar and I had $304 reasons to do it!

I was browsing the “recently sold” section on Afternic.com and they have been pushing out some nice five figure domain name sales lately! Domains always seem to amaze me, because one person can look at a domain sale and be like… wow, that was a nice sale, or I wouldn’t pay that much for “that” domain!

Here are just the “reported” five figure sales via Afternic for about the past two weeks.

BargainEnergy.com $13,250 (interesting sale and not a “bargain” for the buyer! I have owned a lot of “bargain” type domains and never had any luck with them)

DermatologyAssociates.com $12,500 (the price paid for having a lot of companies with the “same name” and being the only one to own the .com! There is a Dermatology Associates right down the road from me and they use the crappy domain DermWisconsin.com)

AutoInsuranceGuide.com $15,000 (insurance is a ripoff unless you need it. Insurance domains can be odd, so seeing “this” domain sell for $15K doesn’t overly surprise me, but I know I have never looked for or thought of looking for an auto insurance guide! I call an insurance agent.)

iwcm.com $14,500 (just a random 4 character domain name to me and one you could see on a domain forum passing around $20 bills for it. I own and have owned a lot of 4 letter domains and never struck a sale like this for one.)

TruckGear.com $17,750 (Boys spend big bucks on toys for trucks, but will they spend it on TruckGear.com? Not the best domain in the world to drop nearly $20K on IMO! Since trucks have gears in the rear end and I’m sure other places, the domain could be confusing depending on what the new owners will be using it for. I assume it will be truck accessories.)

KnowYourLegalRights.com $17,500 (simply wow! Deep pocket buyer (likely a lawyer) and a domain seller that wasn’t afraid to ask for five figure price.)

Melvyn.com $26,000 (first name, so it comes down to… who wants it and is willing to pay for it! I’m sure there are several different ways to spell the name, just like my name!)

BadCreditBusinessLoan.com $11,000 (likely a high paying keyword, not saying that the big G might not like the traffic going to it and simply ban it! They seem to like doing that to domains with high paying keywords but I’m sure there is some money in the bad credit business. There are a lot of “lease to own” businesses and these companies feed off these type of people, so I’m sure the same goes for those looking to start a business and they have bad credit but need some money!

Roya.com $22,000 (again, likely a random 4 letter domain… some may say CVCV, some may say it’s a first name etc. 4 letter domains can and do sell for five figures and this proves it once again.)

TheCompany.com $37,500 (it is priceless to be “The Man”, so it should be priceless to be “The Company”! Pretty cool domain and if you are THE Company, TheCompany.com makes perfect sense and it must have at nearly $40 Grand!

That was my take on about the past 10 days of reported Afternic five figure domain sales. I’m sure there were plenty more that went unreported. Maybe you agree with “my take” on sales or maybe you don’t but thanks for reading either way and feel free to comment if you would like.

Back in late January 2013 some rumors swirled that Dr. Oz would be releasing a magazine and was 90% close to inking a deal with Hearst Communications as reported by the NYPost.com …. well, Hearst Communications just registered several domain names that nearly seal the deal with the magazine deal!

Hearst Communications has registered the following domain names on June 5, 2013 according to whois records:

  • DoctorOzMag.com
  • Dr-OzMag.com
  • DrOzMag.com
  • TheDrOzMag.com
  • TheDr-OzMag.com
  • TheDoctorOzMag.com
  • TheOzMag.com

None of the domain name resolve to anything at the time of this article, but I would expect to hear some kind of “official release” of the magazine shortly. These type of domain name registration discoveries often lead to an official launch shortly after they are created. Since the NY Post article stated that something would likely be announced in the second half of 2013, it appears to be right on time.

One thing to note, clearly there are A LOT of different combinations of how the magazine could be officially named, aka… and likely “Dr. Oz” but I found it pretty interesting that Hearst would only register the abbreviation of the term “Magazine” and has not registered (that I have seen or found) any with the full term. This could likely change, but I found it interesting.

Thank you for reading a DotWeekly Discoveries and I hope to be doing a lot more of these again, as I always enjoyed finding these stories and sharing them.