Welcome to another round of company domain movers with recent domain registrations, domain purchases and simply movers from large companies. If domain owners are paying attention, they could maximize some future sales with today’s article, mainly because of my discoveries relating to Discovery Communications today, but several more as well.

Wide range of discoveries today, so enjoy!

Amazon Inc.

It is very common for Amazon to register domain names the morning/day of an announced product or service and it was no different this time around.… Read the rest

Not the biggest list I have provided in my company domain movers from large companies that have registered, purchased or moved domain names lately but not all the much activity happens on the weekend, so things will pick back up! I have been finding a lot of great data lately, so I hope you are continuing to enjoy what I have been finding and sharing. It’s always nice to hear from you!

Mattel Inc.

Decided to pull it’s fairly popular website EverythingGirl.com which had 998 indexed pages on Google alone and the domain name now forwards to Barbie.com .… Read the rest

The domain name FreeGames.com has been purchased by gaming site provider Flora ICT as announced in this TalkArcades.com forum posting from 7/25/2014.

Based on whois records, it appears the transaction likely closed and ownership of the domain name took place on 7/1/2014.


Paul Keever was the seller according to whois records. Paul appears to have owned the domain for sometime.

The heavily searched term Free Games is searched monthly at Google alone over 2.2 Million times each month and has been in the 3 Million range during several month of 2014!… Read the rest

Chain.com domain has been purchased for an undisclosed amount by block chain start-up Chain.com Inc. and sold by SOJCOM, LLC according to whois records.

Based on some research, the company behind the Chain.com domain purchase is Albumatic who later changed its name to Koa.la but still is using the name Albumatic as they did in whois data for Chain.com . They were founded in 2012 and in 2013 had raised a Series A round of $4.2 Million.

One solid connection is that Adam Ludwin has been with the ever changing company.… Read the rest

Welcome to another round of DotWeekly Discoveries and related company domain movers with recent registrations and purchasing of domain names. Often, DotWeekly’s findings are some of the earliest public knowledge of upcoming brands, products or services… so if I can’t find and or provide data with a domain registration, a lot of time, this is why!

Red Bull GmbH

Registered the domain name RedBullPassTheCan.com . I see a lot of domains like this and never really include them in my reports.… Read the rest

I ran into something interesting this morning while digging around. According to whois records, Google Inc. has just taken ownership of the domain name WriteOnGlass.com . Big deal right?

Well, the past owner of the domain name is where things get interesting. Border Stylo, LLC owned the domain name and they also are the company that opposed Google’s trademark filing for “glass” back in April 2014.


Border Stylo, which develops communication platforms, browser add–ins and mobile apps to add a human element to the internet experience according to CrunchBase.com  seems to be disappearing from the web?… Read the rest