Welcome back my friends to another kicking, best damn domain list you will read today! From the DotWeekly Discoveries series, powered by DomainIQ.com I present you with domain names that have been recently purchased and registered by large companies! These are early discoveries that often lead to new brands, new products, new services and more by many large companies.

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Rainbow Loom

Used the law … Read the rest

It’s hard to come up with a title for these articles, because I write them all the time…. they are domain names that are registered and purchased by large companies… so I often write: Company Domain Name Movers by Blah Blah company and more.. or Corporate domain names etc. Who cares really (my mood today)

In today’s list, I include domain names I normally do not! Enjoy the Target Domains, which you will see with-in the article.

Here is the … Read the rest

As many of you know, I wrote a post about DotWeekly needing new hosting and I really wasn’t looking forward to the change! I hosted with HostGator since 2008, which was a pretty long time and everything was pretty good until more recently. I wasn’t aware of it, but Hostgator ownership had changed, data center changed etc. Well, I did a fair amount of reading and most said to get away from Hostgator as it was having negative SEO effects … Read the rest

Welcome to another round of DotWeekly Discoveries powered by our friends at DomainIQ.com . In this series, I do some digging and find some domain names that have been recently registered or purchased by large companies. Some domains may be moving for other reasons as well. These domain names are often early indicators to new products, services and much more.

Here we go with today’s list:

Sony Music Entertainment

Has purchased the domain name MusicDeals.com . Eric Borgos of Impulse … Read the rest

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