Back in the mid 80′s and early 1990′s there were “available to register” domain names that have now some 20+ years later have become million dollar domain names all by themselves. These are likely still taking place as the world changes and new terms become more popular, but that will take some time. That is one of the very exciting things about domain names!

There is a specific feeling you get when you find a domain name you think is valuable … Read the rest

Although today is a holiday in the US and I pretty much took the weekend off to relax and get some things done, I was collecting some domain data from time to time and have a list of company domain movers from large companies. So, welcome to a holiday addition of DotWeekly Discoveries powered by .

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Likely purchased the domain name around June 2013 via GoDaddy Auctions as it appears the domain expired at … Read the rest

The other day when I was digging some information on the’s Q2 sales reports I ran into a meta description on one of the sold domain names and it really grabbed my eye! I didnt’ think much of it at the time, but later in the day while I was sipping on a bottle of Miller Lite, that little bulb got brighter in my head and made me ring up Google again to see the search engine listing for … Read the rest

Yesterday I covered a large portion of Q2 sales as reported by so if you didn’t see that article, you can read it here. A lot of interesting stuff and I also added more info to the story since I posted it yesterday, so if you did read it, you may want to check it again.

In this article, I will do the same thing as yesterday, with some more domains reported in the DNS Q2 reported … Read the rest