Welcome to another round of company domain movers in a series I call DotWeekly Discoveries. The following are domain names that have been registered, purchased and simply moving for some reason by large companies. These are often very early discoveries and lead to new products, services and more by many of the companies mentioned.

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According to whois records, CBS Interactive has sold the domain name Juke.com to Media Saturn Holding GmbH.

CBS was going to use Juke.com for a music site but from what I have read, it never really got off the ground. That was around 2008.

From what I can tell, Media Saturn Holding GmbH is part of Metro AG / Metro Group. According to BusinessWeek.com:

METRO AG (DB:MEO) intends to explore options for Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH, according to two people with

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Arris is the new owner of Surfboard.com, a domain name that was owned by Motorola. The domain name had nothing to do with water but related to a technology, cable modem. The Motorola SURFboard was one of the products involved in a purchase by Arris of the Motorola Home Division that Google sold about a year after purchasing Motorola.

Arris paid about $2.2 billion in cash money for the Motorola Home Division, plus stock in early 2013 according to … Read the rest

On July 31, 2014 Twitter Inc. registered the domain name TwitterDigits.com with CSC Corporate Domains which I mentioned in this article. On August 5, 2014 Twitter registered the domain name DigitsByTwitter.com . At that time I monitored the domain name Digits.com because I thought it had some “odd” activity on it recently and with the domain registrations by Twitter, they may have been doing something big

The domain Digits.com switched around the earlier Twitter Digits domain registrations to a … Read the rest