Microsoft Corporation has filed yet again, more “Holo” trademarks and in this latest round includes the terms HoloNotes and HoloShot.

The HoloLens trademark and purchase of the domain name for $6,750 kicked off the holo storm of trademark filings but has really not kicked off the matching domain name buying. With trademarks filed now for:

  • HoloLens
  • HoloStudio
  • HoloTour
  • HoloPet
  • HoloNotes
  • HoloShot

Microsoft only has acquired the domain and the remaining matching .com domain names have not been … Read the rest

Microsoft Corporation has filed 6 new game related trademarks. Those trademarks include the following:

Blast Corps


Own matching domain name: No. Owned by a Griffin IT Media Inc.

Jet Force Gemini


Own matching domain name: Yes. Was once owned by Nintendo dating back to around 2001.



Own matching domain name: No. Company that owns has joined Google.

Perfect Dark


Own matching domain name: Yes. Was also once owned by Nintendo dating back to around … Read the rest

Welcome to GoMarch where I highlight domain names that GoDaddy recently acquired from the Marchex domain name portfolio and they have been starting to Buy Now price the domain names with a minimum offer option.

Since over 204,000 domain names were in the portfolio, I do the work and look for the good ones and display 5 a day for you to consider or simply bring them to your attention.

Here we go with the latest 5, that I’m using … Read the rest

Kore Inc. has acquired the domain name for $40,000 from domain master Michael Berkens, who is owner of / as reported on the MWD Facebook page.

getstuffdone has a message on its home page that states:

Meet the messaging platform that lets you communicate,
collaborate, and get stuff done with complete control.
Accomplish even more than you could before with Kore.

Kore appears to be new as they talk about getting early access to the site, but … Read the rest

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