SC Johnson & Son Inc. has acquired the premium generic domain name to match its popular bug killing brand moniker.

Although it seems to be common nature that large brands own exact match .com domain names to there brands, it’s not always the case. It is now for the Raid brand.

SC Johnson is really a “poster child” when it comes to domain names, owning and using the best ones for its brands and products. was owned prior by Advanced Computer & Network Corporation ( of Pittsburgh PA and has been registered since August 1994.

The domain name transaction appears to have taken place around August 2016 but whois records are just now reflecting that SC Johnson was the buyer. The domain started to resolve to the current website around October 2016 based on archived website history.

SC Johnson is a company IMO that “Gets It” when it comes to domain names and connecting the best with the brands they own. They also use catchy terms and match them with make sense .com domains.

SC Johnson currently owns around 900 domain names and they range from exact match terms to brands they own, like:,,,,,, and to generic terms that relate to products they offer, like,,,,,,, and many more.

Owning and using the exact match .com domain name to your brand authenticates it and your company! It makes sense in advertising and direct communication with your clients. It helps you secure the brand and eliminate confusion and competition in search.

SC Johnson & Son does an outstanding job with the domain names they own and they deserve high praise for doing so! They believe highly in there brands and they show it with the little details, right down to the domain names they own and use.

SC Johnson did let one “slip away”, as they own the Kiwi shoe polish brand and sold in early 2016 for $800,000. The domain was acquired by travel company “Skypicker” for a rebrand. is another that SC Johnson likely has on its radar that it doesn’t own.

Overall, SC Johnson is a big domain winner in doing what is right and makes sense!

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