Avast Software Acquires Safer.com + More Domain Movers


With new GDPR laws in place, the majority of whois data is blank. With that being said, I will try my best to display correct information based on the limited amount available.

Domain Movers, the series, is still very much up in the air. The following data is from over a weeks worth of research (30+ hours). I’m still putting in 3-4 hours of research a day but the results are very limiting due to the new whois and lack of email address tracking. MarkMonitor and CSC Corporate domains are yielding Organization data consistently, so that is good. Anyway, here are the domain movers detected over the past 10 days.

Netflix Inc. registered the domain name NearMisters.com adding to the other 1,200 plus other domain names owned by the company. HelloPeril.com was another.

Carie.com appears to have been sold by Name Administration Inc. The domain name has transferred to GoDaddy and is no longer listed for sale in the common place NAI lists domains. No organization name is listed in whois, name servers have not changed, nor has the IP address, so there is no indication of who the buyer may be.

Kroger acquires Hello Fresh for $200 million, with $500 extra million in potential incentives. Albertson acquired Plated last year.

SharkNinja Operating LLC registered FreshVacBlend.com, FreshVacBlender.com and FreshVacBlending.com adding to the 1,000+ other domain names they currently own, one of which is NOT FreshVac.com but it’s for sale.

TimelessCigars.com has been acquired by Marksmen on behalf of Nu Mark, LLC (Altria) for an undisclosed amount from its past owners.

Debtor A/S has acquired its exact match .com domain name Debtor.com at domain name aftermarket service Afternic for an undisclosed amount. The domain has been registered since October 1997.

Virgin Enterprises Limited has acquired VirginLiving.com from HugeDomains.com. Virgin filed a UDRP against HugeDomains and LOST and was found to be reverse domain name hijacking. The domain was listed for $4,795 prior to the UDRP. Although one would assume the price “went up” a fair amount after the legal findings, mainly due to $3K-$5K investment to defend, I wasn’t able to find the most recent offering price. It would be interesting to know!

Flo.ca has acquired Flo.com for $127,258 at domain name aftermarket service Sedo.com. Currently, Flo.com is redirecting to Flo.ca for the electric vehicle charging network. I would assume they have plans to expand outside of Canada and the reason behind the .com purchase.

Creative Marketing Associates, Inc. has acquired TestRide.com out of GoDaddy’s NameFind domain name portfolio. It appears the domain sold for $5,000 but that is not confirmed. Nice name!

NBCUniversal Media, LLC appears to have acquired ShotMakers.com. The domain was for sale via Uniregistry and has since transferred to brand protection registrar MarkMonitor.

Overstock.com, Inc has acquired SpeedLocate.com from its past owner. The domain has been registered since 2013 and has transferred out of Network Solutions to MarkMonitor.

Signet.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain was owned by Netincome Ventures Inc. prior and was likely a sizable sale. Signet Jewelers would be a potential buyer, as they are a CSC client. In general, a lot of companies use the Signet name.

Microsoft Corporation has activated several .Hotmail gTLD domain names. One would assume, mainly due to the costs, that they plan on using the .hotmail gTLD in some fashion but what that is, is unknown. They activated: mail.hotmail, hotmail.hotmail, co.hotmail, com.hotmail, gmail.hotmail,  imap.hotmail, m.hotmail, msn.hotmail, msoid.hotmail, pop.hotmail, sip.hotmail and smtp.hotmail

Microsoft also activated several .bing, .ms, .azure, .microsoft, .windows and .xbox domain names.

FacialContouring.com has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. Whois switched to Afternic.com c/o GoDaddy Redemption Services and appears to have been an expired domain auction at GoDaddy in late February, early March 2018.

Equifax Inc. has acquired CreditLock.com. The domain name was registered at NetworkSolutions and owned by Zahrt Holdings LLC until around February 5, 2018 when the domain transferred to Dynadot under whois privacy, until transferring to MarkMonitor.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has acquired Ahus.com from its past owners. The domain was registered at GoDaddy and owned by a Korean registrant, while being parked at Sedo. The domain name was acquired in December 2017 for $1,215 in what appears to be an expired domain auction at GoDaddy by the Korean registrant. The current sale price is unknown.

Reddit Inc. has acquired RedditCon.com. The domain name has been registered since April 2011. Prior whois said the domain was owned by Beer Nerd and also stated, “Hey Erik, Give Me A Call”.

Avast Software s.r.o. has taken ownership of Safer.com. The domain name was owned by Safer Technologies, Inc prior. It appears it was a “safer browser” prior but based on Google results, it was a hijacker/virus/malware risk, according to PcRisk.com. The newly owned domain by Avast currently doesn’t resolve.

Washington Speakers Bureau have acquired the premium 3 letter domain WSB.com for $85,000 at Sedo.com. The domain name has been registered since 1995 and is a big domain name upgrade for WSB. The company currently uses WashingtonSpeakers.com

Johnson Controls Technology Company has acquired BatteryRack.com, which has been registered since 1998. The domain was owned by Name Administration Inc. prior and was acquired around March 1, 2018 for $31,200.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited have acquired FairInterest.com from its past owners for an undisclosed amount.

BenefitMall were the buyers of PartnerFocus.com from BuyDomains that I reported in April 2018 but buyers were unknown at that time. The domain name held a buy now of $15,000 but the exact sales price is unknown.

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