Company Domain Movers From Apple, Ford & More

Welcome to the latest company domain movers which I like to call DotWeekly Discoveries. This series is always interesting to see what large companies are buying and registering domain names. I try to include some information related to the purchase and or registration of domains when I can find it, so enjoy!

Amazon Inc.m

Registered, and the double hyphen versions of both domains. I really do not understand why these companies think they need to register
these double and sometimes triple hyphen domains like this. IMO, it would only have any “advantage” if the domain was developed, as search engines see the – as a
space. So a “search query” of Amazon Local Merchant ends up being an exact match to the domain and helps with SEO. The fact is, a large company like Amazon isn’t going to launch a product or service on a
domain like this. I guess Amazon may simply be preventing a buyer to rank really well for the term but defensive registrations like this could be endless and are often pointless.

Amazon uses the sub-domain, to help promote it’s local merchant offerings now.

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Computer Sciences Corporation (

Registered the domain name via MarkMonitor. This is not the CSC that I often talk about, CSC Corporate Domains. Interesting enough, has been registered since 2012
with the domain registrar and is not owned by CSC.

CSC is a global leader of next-generation information technology (IT) services and solutions.


Likely registered the domain name . They have been registering domain names like this when they “buy” a company.. but I wasn’t able to find much related to “hatch” and
Twitter at this time. For some reason, Twitter has been registering domains like this lately and they also registered .

Just-Eat Ireland Limited

Registered the domain name

Dress Barn ( /

Registered the domain name . This is interesting because they appear not to own They “may have” recently acquired the .com, because I have seen the name
used in the current whois, Stanley Pace with the email address [email protected] before. That email address is associated with some 17,000 + domains. is / was listed for
sale. The domain is listed for sale at Sedo currently and shows “2” offers have been made on the domain.

Stanley Pace became the owner of “” on or about 10/03/2013 according to whois history records. Very interesting, is the fact that “stanley pace” in quotes at Google only
returns 1 result. The same with the email address! This is a bit odd considering the amount of domains owned by them, but most domains appear to be under whois privacy protection and may relate. I did do a fair amount of digging on “Stanley Pace” and I think they are a domain investor and not a secret buyer. / Dress Barn also registered the domain on 5/29/2014.

Apple Inc.

Has took some action on the domain name . It appears they have owned the domain since about 11/03/2012 and have changed dns to Apple as of yesterday. The domain now redirect to .
Apple does not currently own, which appears to be owned by Hearpod, which is a digital hearing aid.

CSC Corporate Domains

Appears to have purchased the domain name likely for a client. The interesting thing, the domain name was owned by CSC prior and was let expire on 1/11/2014. The domain was
registered on 2/16/2014 by likely a dropcathing registrar, likley at SnapNames. appears to be the company who backordered it or won it at auction and they were the likely
seller, back to CSC Corporate Domains. The domain sat in whois privacy protection since it’s recreation and changed on 7/7/2014 to display as the owners.

I have reached out to GoName to see if they can share the story but have not heard back at time of posting this.


Appears to have purchased the domain name . The domain was owned by Gerber Legendary Blades Inc., which is owned by Fiskars. Bosch has a popular product call the RotoZip, but I
couldn’t find any other connection at this time. is owned by MarkMonitor and likely a client.

Ford Motor Company

Hand registered the domain name . Racing is very expensive!


Hand registered the domain name . so happens to went into privacy protection via Monker recently. Although basically has
generic whois information, Global Ventures network (Chad Folkering) appears to be or was the owner. is listed for sale on Sedo but not all listings are always removed
right after a sale. I would guess has not been purchased by anybody recently and maybe the privacy move was just a coincidence.

Actavis, Inc.

Registered and along with a slew of other domains like:

Actavis is a global, integrated specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing, and commercializing generic, brandee pharmaceutical and biosimilar products.

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9 thoughts on “Company Domain Movers From Apple, Ford & More

  1. Stanley Pace is a domainer whom i’ve seen many brandable domains registered under him. He gets many domains via NameJet auctions, and usually renew his domains only 25-30 days after expiration date. Haven’t searched this domain yet but I think he would probably be the seller. Thanks Jamie!

    1. My gut tells me has not sold “yet”. This domain is with GoDaddy and was not expired or near expired date at change of ownership from “Vivienne Kelly” and “[email protected]” .

    1. Really hard to say! They purchased “Cardspring” and registered, so it is hard to say if they may be buying or just joining forces in some way.

  2. Registering the hyphen version is smart.
    Some idiot or another business buys it and then could end up using it forcing the company to go after it or live with the other competitor
    In Amazon’s case it would have to be a Huge idiot, but much smaller firms can run into issues where other like a name and end up grabbing the hyphen to setup a site
    The hyphens as well as the various tlds should have never been allowed to be invented. It’s cheaper to just buy them (assuming one knows about them) rather than dealing with someone later who tries using it.

  3. Hey guys,

    Ever found out who this “Lorin Pace” is? I want to buy a domain that he owns, but can’t get a hold of anyone or an answer..any idea why? Did you have any luck contacting them regarding a domain purchase?


    1. did you ever manage to get a contact of lorin pace? i am having a similar issue where a domain i’ve owned since 1998 expired and ‘lorin pace’ now owns but i need it back!

      1. @Preet
        From what I can tell, Lorin Pace / Stanley Pace is a domain name investor. S/he list the majority of the domains they own for sale at Sedo, so “your” domain is likely listed there.

        1. seems like it – yeah the domain i want back is on sedo put in an offer i hope someone comes back 🙁 there’s nothing you can do really is there

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