ZipZing Dictionary Domain Filtering Software Available Again

The software is currently not available, but if you are interested in purchasing a copy, please contact me with your request.

I had stopped offering my dictionary based domain name filtering software ZipZing awhile back and I have been having so many people ask me to offer it again, so I spent the day today getting things ready and have relaunched it!

So is open for business again!

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What is ZipZing?

ZipZing is in short, a dictionary based domain name filtering tool. It is highly customize-able  and it was designed this way. Many domain filter tools are offered, but ZipZing allows you to put in your own “dictionary” (keywords) and allows you to input the domains you want! PendingDelete lists, Domain Auction Lists, Sedo domains, GoDaddy Auction domains and really any list of domains you wish to filter! Simply put the list of domains into a .txt file, load it, load of dictionary (keyword list) and filter away!

Why would I need this software?

Discover in a new way! Being able to load your very own keyword lists (dictionaries) you can highly target specific domains.

Time savings! Reward yourself with time savings of sorting large domain lists! With ZipZing, you can easily “weed-out” 6,000 make sense domains instead of looking through 100,000! Want to see just .com domains in a list? No problem. Only dictionary words? Want to make your own dictionary words? Ends with keywords, starts with keywords? It’s all up to you, because ZipZing allows you to load up to 3 dictionaries at one time and how you use the dictionaries is up to you!

Parsed Keywords are hard to read and I hate looking at domains that way! With ZipZing, keywords are parsed (as long as the “word” is in your dictionary loaded) and are capitalized. is much easier to read and browse lists of domains than

Export the sorted list, sort by keyword length, sort by TLD, sorted domains are broken down by 1 word, 2 word, 3 word, popular and more!


ZipZing is fast! The software works best with lists of 100,000 or less but even at 100K domains and a dictionary with 170K words in it… it sorts the list in less than a minute! Often times, seconds!


ZipZing is a tool! A nice tool to have in your domain bag if you sort domain name lists or are tired of going through huge lists looking for specific types of domains. You control how ZipZing works, based on the dictionaries you build or use. Understanding how ZipZing works is vital. If a keyword is not in your dictionary, it can not find it. If is not in the domain list your searching, it can’t find! It can help you easily find 1 word, 2 word and 3 word domain names that match keywords that are included in your dictionary lists.

Checkout for an extensive view of options, examples, resources and more that I have provided.  Any questions, please ask.

Your purchase is greatly appreciated and goes towards my domain name addiction, feeding my family, paying bills like hosting and digital product delivery.

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5 thoughts on “ZipZing Dictionary Domain Filtering Software Available Again

  1. Hi Jamie,

    The purchase link is not working.

    The message shows

    “Sorry, ZipZing is currently NOT being offered for sale at this time. Sorry if you missed out recently!”

    Please provide the link to purchase the software.


    1. Hi Vijay,
      I do remove the software from time to time from being for sale and currently ZipZing is not for sale and the reason you had seen the message you did.

      1. Hi Jamie,

        I am very much interested about this tool.
        Unfortunately missed the chance to purchase.
        Is there any chance to get the software right now?


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