DotWeekly Discoveries: and Other Silent Domain Movers

Prior to me losing my database for DotWeekly and essentially losing 5 years worth of work and my website…. one of the article series I would write was called “Dotweekly Discoveries”. This series included several small articles within one article. I often discover things and can not dig up enough data on the topic for a stand alone posting… so I decided to do group postings with some of the data I collect during the week and the popular series was created. So, now that you are up to speed, here we go with some of my recent discoveries!

This domain name was very likely purchased by The Scotts Company, from, or helped them purchase it. From my understanding, Sahar either owns NamingRights or had/has a hand in the company based on a couple things I have read. Either way, the domain name has changed ownership and this type of purchase often goes “unreported”. The Scotts Company has a product line called “Tomcat” and is a popular rodent trap and rodent related items. I’m sure they wanted this domain for some time! is starting to resolve to the Tomcat brand as I write this and will be the flagship domain behind the Tomcat brand. The main domain for the brand prior was

This domain grabbed my eye for some reason and while digging into it a bit, the domain changed ownership because of a “company purchase”. Palo Alto Networks purchased the company Cyvera for $200 Million and the domain was owned by Cyvera. Both companies relate to cyber security.

Great branding domain! I couldn’t find much information on this one.. but it very likely sold, but I do not know who the buyer or seller is, nor the price paid for the domain. The domain moved to MarkMonitor, so the buyer is likely a large company! Could be a hospital, insurance company or somebody like Walgreens or CVS. Love this domain! Great start to a brand or national advertising campaign.

Catchy / Brandable Domain Movers

Another domain I wasn’t able to dig much info on, other than it changed ownership. was the buyer and they are a public relations firm. So, this domain will likely be used in some sort of advertising campaign or something along those lines. Likely food related, but it wouldn’t have to be. I reached out to the past owner of the domain to see if they could share any info, but I didn’t hear back by the time of writing this.

was a hand registered domain name by Tullo Marshall Warren Limited, a creative communications company in London. I like the domain and would have been one I would invest in. These types of domains sell often and are used largely in marketing. Catchy and or common phrase are great, because they are easily remember. This is a big win, when you are trying to get visitors to your website.

Heineken International hand registered this domain name… I’m not a huge fan of it, because it relates to LOSING. If we won, sounds like a way to explain…. “if we won best beer award at the 2014 best beer drink tasting thingy, we would have been the best! We lost, so next year…” It’s not the worst domain, and I’m sure they have a better use for it than my made up story.

Del Monte Hand registered this 4 word domain name, likely again, for an upcoming marketing campaign or promotion. 21 total characters is starting to get a bit long, don’t get me wrong, I understand it’s important to make sense with the domain, but it’s getting long! At least they are buying and trying!

Amplify Education, Inc. ( I’m not sure why I’m writing about this one…. try saying Twelve A Dozen, a dozen times! Maybe because I was happy they owned

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