Some things to me simply make sense and “why” a brand does or doesn’t do the make sense thing is not always easy to understand. We are all different is one easy answer. Maybe they simply didn’t think of it, is another potential.

So today I wanted to touch on a new startup and some things that I see that they have missed relating to domain names and confusion created by some things they are doing.

Brand name: Booster Fuels… Read the rest

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Here is another Domain Movers series that I had in my data pile and figured I would post it to the world instead of just letting the data sit around on my computer.

The following data is related to corporate domain name movements, which almost always goes unpublished unless somebody digs the data.

AstraZeneca AB has acquired the domain name which was parked at Sedo and used Sedo’s transfer service. The domain has been registered since January 27, 2004 … Read the rest

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I have 3 or 4 domain movers series sitting in my data pile, so I figured I would post the data for you to see other than it sitting and going to waste.

This isn’t hot off the press data as I have had it for a month or so but the data is still relevant as the corporations involved still did the following:

Bayer AG, owners of about 15,000 domain names have added to that total with the … Read the rest

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Domain names are extremely powerful! They are what phone numbers use to be, but highly flexible. Domain names are valuable for many reasons, even “available” ones can be just as powerful when you use them!

Domain names allow you to connect! Share any domain name with somebody and they know what to do with it! That is something that is very hard to do, show somebody something and they instantly know what to do with it! See a domain … Read the rest

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