Connect, Communicate, Conquer! All With A Domain Name

Domain names are extremely powerful! They are what phone numbers use to be, but highly flexible. Domain names are valuable for many reasons, even “available” ones can be just as powerful when you use them!

Domain names allow you to connect! Share any domain name with somebody and they know what to do with it! That is something that is very hard to do, show somebody something and they instantly know what to do with it! See a domain name, visit it.

Communicate. Upon a user visiting the domain name, you, the domain name owner can easily communicate your message to the visitor! Big or small, you easily can communicate with them!

Conquer! No matter what your message, you can shout it out on the roof top but if nobody is around to hear it, you do nothing but waste your breath! If the user doesn’t easily know where to find it, you can not get your message across. In order to conquer, you need to be able to easily communicate in order to connect! Domain names allow for all three to take place.

Advertising is a huge method of domain name usage and since many things are specific, if you are advertising something specific, you should use a specific domain name for it!

Lets use restaurant chain Denny’s for a real life example. They recently launched an advertising campaign with the title of:

Since, Like, Forever

The message from Denny’s is the fact that they have offered all day breakfast… since, like, forever! Since competitors like Taco Bell, McDonalds and others are after the “all day breakfast” crowd, the best make sense domain to own and use would be… (which is for sale for $4,888 Buy It Now and owned currently by but they haven’t wisely purchased it currently!

Since this is a specific message from Denny’s and they are targeting a younger crowd by using “Since, Like, Forever” as the title.. would be an easy director to further the message of Denny’s.

Denny’s and it’s marketing team do not think like me, because the domain name sits unregistered for the $10 annual fee, which could be used to easily direct people to announce the all day breakfast has been around Since, Like, Forever! Even if this $10 investment brings 1 or 2 people.. it would pay for itself!!!

The Powerful Redirect

A 301 redirect or better, a server side redirect is the “easy” route to take. No “website” needed. Simply redirect visitors of to the destination on the web of your choice.. which may be the ad or a specific spot on highlighting the all day breakfast.

If you are specifically marketing all day breakfast with a message like: Since, Like, Forever…, direct your audience to it easily with a make sense domain name!

  • Place specific domain names on products for easy reordering
  • Place specific domain names on business cards to better highlight yourself
  • Place specific domain names on specific advertisements to better “track” performance
  • Place specific domain names on just about anything to convey a message
  • Domain names are extremely power! Extremely! You just have to use them, be aware of them and think outside of the box!

Own more than one and use them! Mini-sites and keyword domains can help your website “own” specific search keywords that are important to you and your business!

If you do not own & use any domain names, you should highly consider them. If you want to learn more about how a domain name can help you, please feel free to ask or browse around DotWeekly.

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