Domain Movers:, & More Corporate Buys

I have 3 or 4 domain movers series sitting in my data pile, so I figured I would post the data for you to see other than it sitting and going to waste.

This isn’t hot off the press data as I have had it for a month or so but the data is still relevant as the corporations involved still did the following:

Bayer AG, owners of about 15,000 domain names have added to that total with the registration of the domain name

Cadora Clothing company, a provider of women’s swim wear has registered several new “Trump” domain names that include, and

Allstate Insurance Company registered the domain name adding to its current domain name portfolio of over 5,800 domain names.

LF, LLC (Lowes) registered the domain name adding to its domain portfolio of 3,500+ domain names. which was an owned domain name according to whois records, has transferred out of NameKing to and placed under whois privacy protection. The domain resolves to a splash page showing it’s owned by CruiseOne. The domain has been registered since September 15, 1997.

Mondelez International, Inc. registered the domain names and adding to its 4,000+ other domain names they own.

ABC, Inc. registered three new domain names that included, and They have also taken ownership of the domain name, which was registered on July 28, 2015 at GoDaddy but has since transferred to CSC Corporate Domains registrar under ABC, Inc.

PepsiCo, Inc. registered and purchased the domain name according to whois records. was owned by a Tracy Roberts of Cypress Texas at GoDaddy and the domain has been registered since May 6, 1997. Kelli Roberts owned the domain prior and they appear to be the same person. Kelli has worked in the adult industry since 1996 and is a published author, AVN nominated producer and webmaster according to DID have adult related content with a focus on “webmaster” dating back to about 2010 and switched to All For You entertainment later in 2010, still adult content related according to screenshot history on After that point, no adult content was on the domain name. All For You is also a Janet Jackson song, Sister Hazel song and an album of several bands… with Google displaying some 4,630,000,000 returns for the search term all for you. This can create ranking problems for the company but the EMD should help with that.

Microsoft Corporation has registered some new Halo domain names and those all relate to API. / .net and / .net. They also registered / .net.

Hasbro, Inc. registered the domain name add to its domain name portfolio of about 3,400 domain names. is listed for sale at Sedo with $3,000 min offer and 1 bid has been placed on the domain.

Duresta is a term a currently unknown MarkMonitor client, using generic DnStinations whois data is making a pretty big play with and registered many domain names relating to it. Some of those domain names are,,,,,, and one clue to who may be behind the registrations…

Some more clues were release with more domain registrations on the same day that included:,, and

“Allergan, plc is a global pharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing branded pharmaceuticals, generic and over-the-counter medicines, and biologic products” according to Wikipedia.

A July 24, 2014 trademark filing date for “Duresta” indicates the mark relating to a “Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of glaucoma” with the TM owned by Allergan, Inc.

So using the information from the domains and the TM and it would indicate that Duresta is a sustained release ocular implant for the eye relating to glaucoma treatment that will be prescribed.

The bad news for Allergan, the exact match domain name is already in use by an Upholstery company and has been for many years that is based in London.

White-Rodgers (Emerson) registered the domain names and .org and currently do not own according to whois records but the domain wass listed for sale at Sedo with a $2,250 purchase price and that listing is now gone…. so there is potential that they have acquired the domain and its simply in the purchase process. ArtWired, Inc., owners of about 15,000 domain names is/was the owner of the .com, a domain name that was being brokered by and also listed for sale at Afternic according to whois history records… has since transferred to CSC Corporate Domains using generic whois data. Then, as reported by TheDomains Michael Berkens, a UDRP was filed on the domain name by an unknown filer.

Amgen, Inc. registered an interesting domain name,

HSBC Group Management Services Limited has acquired the domain name from according to whois records.

Google Inc. has acquired two domain names and they are and .net from a Ben Laurie according to whois records. Google also registered the domain names and

Hasbro, Inc. has acquired the domain name The domain name was owned by but may have expired about June 2014 as the domain was then removed from the registry and registered again on December 31, 2014 by a Tom Sylvester of Venice California. Hasbro shows up in whois records on October 1, 2015., .net, .org, info and .biz were all registered by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client using generic whois details as DnStination Inc. which was registered on December 12, 2014 under generic whois data at MarkMonitor has launched a coming soon page to a show on Netfilx with the Saban branding. The copyright is SCG Characters LLC, which is Saban Capital Group.

According to this article, the name changed overtime from Gangnam Girls to Glitter Force.

Laureate Education Inc. has potentially registered a whole bunch of protection domain names for its CEO Doug Becker? All the domain names were registered at CSC Corporate Domains registrar and Laureate is a CSC client. The domain names include:,,,, and many many more. Many more domains relate to Laureate itself, like,, and hundreds more.

NBC Universal (based on name servers) has acquired the domain name through domain name service Comlaude from Frank Schilling’s company Name Administration Inc. The domain name had a listing price of $66,000.

This term “sounds like” Hey You, Hay You… and isn’t a very clear brand name IMO but it is currently unclear what it may be used for. I haven’t found much to connect the term to NBC at this point doing some quick research.

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