Here is another method I use to spy on domain names and the entities that own them!

Back in March 2011 I revealed how to spy on company domains and this has changed people! Websites like have exploded in traffic after JB learned this little process from DotWeekly and he uses it daily to write great articles about future products and services by some of the largest gaming and tech companies! (sadly he often beats me to the stories now as he writes at 4am CT)

Well, I am always willing to help and share so here are some more helpful tools to spy on domain names and how and what I use them for.

The tools Free Free/Pay

You can enter several things into both of these tools. IP Address, Domain Name, Adsense Publisher Code, Analytics Code, DNS (on SpyOnWeb using Each site is a little different but similar.

Here are some examples of what and how to use them

I was trying to find out who purchased the domain name on Sedo that I covered a while back. The problem? Whois privacy when I checked at whois. Most domainers or people looking would give up at this point… not me! After seeing the whois privacy, I went on over to and typed and clicked Search.

153 matching domains come up (some have www. and some do not, so they have some duplicate records) with the same Adsense Publisher Code as used on This tells me…. start doing whois searches on these domains that match pub codes and see if the entity “messed up” and doesn’t have privacy on one of these domains. I pick well that wasn’t hard! No privacy and the owner of that domain is DCHoldings. Rickie Meeks of Arkansas. Check another one just to be sure…, yep same whois!

Using the same domain, but with this time… and it pulls up,,, etc. but more data is revealed. This time, Clickbank data, runner2600! Google Analytics code etc. Just more search power! You can continue to dig if you wish or you may have found what you needed at this point.

That is one way to use this process.

(Keep in mind that these services mentioned above “Scrape” data at some point and only update data so often.. so there is the chance that some data displayed is “old”.)

Example 2

Spying on processes used! People build minisites, full websites, have patterns of domain names they invest in and so much more! First you need a starting point.. so you need to know of a specific domain you wish to search. Sometimes this domain name will not have any adsense on it, or it may be hosted on a dedicated server and it’s the lone domain and will not reveal much.. keep searching! Watch the DNS used in a whois search, do an email search on Google to find more domains they own etc.

I will use a fellow blogger as an example. I checked for an example on Only 1 domain on the server and no Adsense on the site. Not giving up after missing the data needed.. I remember him talking about a couple websites he has developed. I try in! Still nothing good to dig on.. I do a whois search on and I think I have something.. the DNS used shows some 30+ domains on it! Bingo. Enter that (dns domain) into and the data starts flowing like flood waters off a mountain after a hurricane.,, etc.

I want more data.. so I take the DNS domain and head over to and type it in and click search. More domains, new data! Google Adsense publisher number, analytics code. Do a search with that and even more domains start popping up, patterns are shown! OMG Elliot!!!

I like to use BOTH sites to research these numbers as both services have different dig times. I can visit the sites directly that I discovered and discover even more with what is on the site, layout, CMS and so much more.

Be sure to do searches with the different data sets you get on both services.. Adsense Code, Analytics Code, Clickband ID as you can even dig up more data to play with.

Final Thoughts

Now that you can spy on company domain names and spy on domain names and the owners of them… holy smokes! I get a kick out of using these techniques on websites that sell crap like ebooks or process type sites! Using the information above, you can see what sites they own or are using! This easily will give you an idea of the process they are using, so no need to pay for the crappy ebook! The sales pitches of “I will show you how I make my money using this very same process”.. LOL Most will host on the same server or use the same analytics code and doing the above should allow you to see these secret sites they use.

Small tips

View Page Source on a website you already know has Google Adsense that you are looking to dig up some info on. Look for the pub- number in the Google java script on the page (use ctrl+f for windows and search pub-) and enter that into or

If you can find an email address, do a Google search using the email address in quotes. This will often reveal more domain names the person owns that are indexed from DomainTools or some other domain type service.

Have fun spying, discovering and learning new processes!

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