Vital Mistake To Avoid When Purchasing A Domain Name

This is part 1 of a full story I will be posting in the coming days but I thought I would share one important aspect of the story. How to avoid a vital mistake when attempting to purchase a domain name that is already owned by somebody.

Often times when you are interested in a specific domain name, it likely will be owned by somebody already. This is OK as most things in life are for sale, at the right price. If you don’t know what you are doing, hire somebody that does!


You are interested in buying the “.com” domain name

The .net and .org domain names are “available”

Do you register the .net and or the .org before obtaining the .com?

Absolutely Not!!!!


Research can lead to you paying more! That is the simple answer. The more complex answer is this. When you register a domain name, there is a system in place called Whois. This reveals vital information that can easily be obtained. Creation date, who the owner is and much more. Yes, there is “privacy” services to hide who purchased the domains but you have to be aware of and use it. Secondly, if you purchase the available domains, that doesn’t hide when they were created.

If you register other TLD’s before trying to acquire the “.com”, it is very likely that the .com domain owner will check whois data on the other TLD’s of the domain name you are interested in upon you contacting them with your interest. If this happens, it is a dead giveaway that you are very interested in the domain name. In the end, this will likely cause you to pay more for the domain name!


If you are interested in owning the main TLD’s for a specific term, try your best to obtain the domain name you want the most first, before showing your hand at all with the other domain names!

Knowing the above information can save you or your company a lot of money! In fact, when I share the rest of this story, you will see that it cost this company $xx,xxx because they didn’t do the above. They even hired a professional domain buyer but not a sneaky enough one! In the end, the company is the one who made the mistake by registering the .net domain name before securing the .com!

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